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out of every poster on this board wolffags are the most fucking disgusting, no other group wants to have sex with animals more than these faggots
why is that?
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Is this the board to discuss ethical hunting, or is that /k/?
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My pet spider which may or may not be poisonous has escaped. I collected him from the wild some time ago.
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Do you jewish trannnies are also afraid of bull terriers?
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Are shrimp bugs?
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What. The. Fuck??

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I think our janitor deserves to be hung by his balls (small and virgin, for sure).

/dog/ - Dog General

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strictly platonic edition
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Why can't werewolf movies be this terrifying?
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First Time Bird owner

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Hello /an/, im in need of some advice from anyone who may know. I recently got myself an Indian Ringneck and ive done some extensive research into the care of them, but i was wondering a few smaller thinks i couldnt quite find online.

When it comes to food, should i separate fruits and veggies, and seed mixes in different bowls or should they stay mixed?

Its only day 2 of having her so i know she will be a bit nervous (she came from an open air pet store with alot of people coming in to try and touch her) but when and how should i go about trying to handle her and gain trust?

Lastly, i would love any tips since i want to give this bird an amazing home and life since i know they can live anywhere from 30-50 years.

Picture is related but not my actual bird.
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