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What keeps you lifting /fit/?

t. fills the void of self hatred.

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How do I unfuck the dark circles around my eyes?

I have had them all my life its the only thing in my appearance I am insecure about.
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Military fitness test

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I gotta run 2km in 8 minutes and swim 50mt in 2m15s. I can pass eveyrthing else easily.

How long will it take me considering I can't swim and have never done cardio in my life?

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>working in the gym to acquire gains
>not learning how to fight with steel like ancestor
Never gonna make it
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How do I lift for the next 40 years and avoid injuries anons?

I'm 22 and felt a pop in my lower back doing stiff legged dumbbell deadlift and now I want to take lifting safety seriously.
Should I avoid compound lifts? Should I just focus on feeling the burn and mind body connection instead of weight? Redpill me please
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Do you listen to music in the gym?
What do you listen to?
Is there any reason not to listen to music?
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>Machines have the same effect on strength and hypertrophy than barbells
Why do you still use barbells?
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Other one is past bump limit (also too many of (((them))) if u catch my drift)
Can u do this?
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f. p. h.

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transformation thread

i'll start
17, 135lbs -> 18, 187lbs
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