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why does everyone recommend strength training programs?

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Most people who want to put on size won't really benefit from strength-oriented programs.

Look at guys like Jonnie Candito and Greg Nuckols. They are super strong but they still have hardly any muscle and look like shit.

I just feel like a bodybuilding approach with high volume, lots of isolation work, and high frequency would be better.

Instead everyone recommend SS, 531, West side barbell, etc.
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Anon here. I'm curious to see if the manliest exercise aka the bench press max relates to the number of guys yall fuck.
>here's a chart of the last time we did this
>my max is 190lbs
>sexual partners is 14 girls and 1 guy pls no bully
No e-stating pls we already have a few outliers
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Is this obtainable natty?

/CSG/ Combat Sports General

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Combat Sports General
Share your thoughts, questions, achievements in combat sports.

>go back to /asp/
No! That's /wwe/ now

>Why start learning?
Defend yourself
It's fun
It's god-tier cardio.

>What start learning?
If you're interested in striking arts, try boxing, or Muay Thai if you're less interested in mobility, head movement, but more interested in learning elbows, knees, and kicks.

>But grappling?
BJJ schools are the easiest to come by, but wrestling is going to give you the most control on the ground, while also letting you fight to stay standing if you don't want to be taken down.

Catch wrestling is for sick cunts, if you can find a gym for it.

You're going to want to develop explosive ability for high reps, especially in your lower body. Do something like Westside for Skinny Bastards III
MONDAY – Max-Effort Upper Body
TUESDAY – Dynamic-Effort Lower Body
THURSDAY – Repetition Upper Body
FRIDAY – Max-Effort Lower Body

Be wary of pseudoscience regarding martial arts (not just trad martial art kata faggotry).
While routines with high-volume pull ups and dips have their uses, even Western boxers are notorious for things like chugging their own piss.

>Weight cutting basics
you should see a professional coach for this.
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>About a year ago, I found out I have pretty severe NAFLD
>not fat at all, pretty fit. (6'0", 170 lbs)
>Quit drinking for a year
>quit non-fruit fructose sources for about 6 months
>eat 500g of spinach/kale per day + broccoli lunch
>NAFLD still there, possibly slightly worse
What the fuck can I do?
Can it be reversed?
Has anyone else had this problem?
If I just cut down to the lowest bf% possible, the fat has to start coming off, right???
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Zyzz thread

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Post tributes to the king of /fit/

And don't come here with he's just a roid fag or shit

Even though he was on roids he was an inspiration and you can't say otherwise he was what got me into bodybuilding

Remember if your not feeling motivated we're all gonna make it brahs,you can be a sick kunt if you wanna be
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>International men's day
>be thankful you don't have to deal with periods
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This is the average brazilian woman.
How can the rest of the world even compete?
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Sleep is very important for good health and gains, so let's have a thread about it. How long does it take you to fall asleep, or how long do you give yourself to fall asleep before you give up?
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Getting strong on the over head press is the single most important thing to look big as a natty
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