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How old is too old to start having kids (for a male)?

I'm 34, single, and feel like my time is running out.
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He knows... we know.
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Brutal Mogs
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pushup thread

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roll for em
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Pork tenderloin has 117 grams of protein (per lb) and a pound of it is around 700 calories. In case you were getting sick of fish and chicken. You're welcome.

Maybe feel free to post other lesser known food hacks.
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I hate women so much
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As a white man, how do I stop Asian girls from staring at me at the gym? It’s legit getting creepy. I know Asian girls are obsessed with the BWC and all, but can you Asian guys tell them to tone it down? I’m starting to feel violated…
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/frg/ - fitness redpills general

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Post fitness redpills
>reverse curls are a forearm compound
>super sets and giant sets are amazing timesavers and can replace part of your cardio
>most people egolift on RDLs, people should always go to the limit of their hamstring flexibility instead of just below the kneecap
>front lever pulls are free lat volume, throw them in on lower/leg days if lats are a focus for you
>pullovers, either bent arm and/or straight arm, are mandatory
>abs should be trained hard and frequently
>becoming flexible through resistance training is very easy
>calves, specifically gastroc, should be trained with an absurdly high intensity (10+ negatives after hitting concentric failure) to reduce the needed sets to a minimum so you don't skip
>adductor isolation is important so you don't get groin tweaks squatting
>deadlifts are good for strength but not necessary for hypertrophy, RDLs + lots of rowing can entirely replace them. doesn't mean they're bad for hypertrophy either though
>BTNP is safe if you know how to move your scapula correctly to avoid impingement
>pretty much anything on rings is amazing for hypertrophy, especially pushups and dips
>more people should isolate external rotation to prevent rotator cuff injuries
>lower traps and infraspinatus are very underrated muscles for back aesthetics
>pecmaxxers should train their pec minor for even more growth, most people entirely overlook this muscle
>myoreps are underrated
>leg machines are highly underrated, however there are also very obscure home gym alternatives for many of them that are just as good
>anyone can squat ATG given enough added heel elevation, but some people may not find this practical
>seated good mornings are to squats what RDLs are to deadlifts
>deep ring dips are one of if not the best chest exercise, as the rings accomodate for your build while allowing you to get an absurd stretch on your pecs
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What's the point of getting stronger if you can't put your strength to any use in the modern world?
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>Tfw day 10
I used to fear the "flatline", now I yearn for it. The urges are off the charts and I pace around like a lunatic
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