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Did any of you ever had a rotator cuff injury? How did you get rid of it? Did you do any exercises that helped? Save me from this hell
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/fph/ - Fat People Hate

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>Catalog search
>Nothing found.
C'mon, people. I need motivation for Chest & Back™ tomorrow morning
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>get buff
>die young
I rather not thanks
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>make out with thot in car
>she feels me up
>feels chest up
>stops making out and pokes it
>put your lips back on mine bitch .mp7
>do you only train chest? haha
>she never mentioned my shoulders

I don't even have that strong of a bench press, but I do a shitton of shoulder press and lateral rais variations and load volume as well as intensity, so I guess my qustion is: How to grow shoulders?
Also mire thread.
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Adios fellow sippers

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So its been a nice ride but ive had to come in terms with that Fact that caffeine from coffee and monsters is interfering and ruining my sleep. So today ive made decision to drink my final sip in the form of ultra Red, one I havent had so far.

Good bye, and good luck
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Thoughts on Jason Blaha?
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My thighs and arms are getting slimmer but my lower belly still has a pudge. What do? Should i just have longer fasts? I just want to lose abdominal fat. 5'4, 55kg
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Do anyone actually think he has a chance of pulling 501?

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If meat is healthy and a super food, then is there any health benefit from eating dogs, cats, bats or other weird animals?

Imagine if you ate lion or wolf meat, then surely you would be stronger than someone who just ate chicken or cows.
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ways to make snake juice?

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I don't have any potassium chloride at home, the only thing stopping me from doing longer than 24 hour fasts is the fact that I don't have the right salt for snake juice. Is there any alternative to KCl and what is the exact amount I would need to drink in a day. Also if there's anything else I can add to the mixture for other benefits, like I heard adding paprika is good but I forget what for
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