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Being fit = Being responsible of your own weight = Being able to carry your own weight.

If you can't do a pull up, you either start lifting to get stronger or start dieting to get lighter. Or both.

Simple as that.

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The most aesthetic man in history has posted the final, daunting truth
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Post only the most brutal of mogs
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People who use their phones while lifting

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You DO wipe your phone screen afterwards right?

Dudes who went through a big glow up

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What happened once you changed your looks from virgin to chad?
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>work out for years
>have picture taken of me while shirtless
>tfw I look like fucking shit
Holy shit /fit/ I can't take it anymore.
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>18 years old
>Can clean and jerk your deadlift max

Get mogged


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Roidtrannies will never truly understand the profound satisfaction that comes from the consistent dedication and years of relentless effort needed to cultivate a well-proportioned, powerful physique that stands as a testament to personal strength. This kind of body is not merely an aesthetic achievement, but also a beacon of the inner resilience and self-belief that have been fostered by repeatedly challenging and surpassing one's own limits.

Despite any outward show of contentment, those who choose the path of artificial enhancement will always confront an underlying truth: beneath their chemically-induced muscle lies the unchanged reality of who they once were. These superficial layers of muscle, built not by patience and willpower, but by the artificial means of external substances, serve only as a facade. They are a mask that does little to alter the fundamental aspects of their character, leaving them in the same place they were before they embarked on their fitness journey. The true transformation – the one that comes from within – remains elusive.
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I'm doing a cut at 3000 calories, currently I only do strength training, hitt once a week. I was in a bad mood the last 2 days and I ate a bit over my balance, what should I do - cut calories from the next day or leave it as it is (certainly replenished some glycogen).
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/fph/ fat people hate

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