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>programming advice?
post s/b/d@bw+height

>The official pastebin (includes books and videos on various things like recovery, stretching, programs, band usage, etc)
>hero registry

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You're in a club and Prime Mike Tyson is trying to kill you. You have no weapons, just whatever you can find in the club.

Does all your hours of lifting and eating boring food manage to save you at all?
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If you can’t spot reduce fat, why can you spot induce muscle?
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modded Carnivore diet

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Also consisting of fruits and some dairy on the side.

What would be/are the health benefits?

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Your crush is out there living her life and enjoying the weekend.
Going out with friends, socializing, having fun, making memories, getting ahead in life. While you are here shitposting about vidya on a beautiful Sunday. Any last words anon before you inevitably end it?
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/fast/ing general
What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and fat fasting
While fasting alone is fantastic for your health, Consider doing a ketogenic in addition to become god mode

Snake juice: [Embed]

>how can I get a quick rundown? Where can I start? [Embed]


>any more info? [Embed]

>Doesn't salt make you explode? [Embed]



>Fung talks and lectures: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

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How to force yourself into going to the gym after your girlfriend cheats on you

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When losing weight, which is objectively better and why:
1. Reducing calories
2. Working out more
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>manlet uprising postponed until pit renovations are finished

Being muscular is even more based then I realised

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I got stung by some wasps, I barely even felt it cause they went for my neck and traps, which are probably my most muscular parts. Muscles just make your life better.
More muscular people
>resist poisons and illnesses better
>can take bigger impacts
>are more protected from cuts and stabs
>are obviously stronger
>bleed out slower
>are less likely to have cancer and more likely to recover from it
>deteriorate less with age
>have faster neurons
>have less brain fog
>deal with both heat and cold better
There is no reason to not be muscular, it makes life much better.
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