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kek the fate of every roidtranny
ishygddt - stay clean and sound of mind
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How do I stop this bullshit from happening?
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is there something like cycling but not cringe
can take me far, good exercise, fun, but not filled with retarded gearfag lycrafags
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/egg/ - eggs general

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who /eggpilled/ here?
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Tomboy Tuesday

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It's that day again Anons, post Tomboys to receive free T. boost and motivation
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Soda addict here. What am I supposed to drink throughout the day besides water?
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>be manlet
>get on the juice
>get cool tat
>get ridiculed by random thots in public
Life is so unfair fellow short kings

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How does /fit/ afford dating? All my hinge and tinder dates want to go to KBBQ and Sushi and it getting fucking expensive…
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>just lift bro
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what has your experience with online dating been like?
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