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Zoomers are making us look bad. I think we millennials are the depressed and failed generation of all time.
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i just had the most autistic moment of my life

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>be me, 20
>want to take a break from studying for exams
>decide to go to small gym in dorm complex
>not many free weights but quiet and great for calisthenics
>theres a pool right outside of gym
>its night time and its raining, but it still looks nice so I decide to go for a swim after my workout
>theres three qt girls at the pool gate
>decide to impress them by jumping over the fence
>im feeling myself + massive pump from gym
>take shirt off and go swimming
>do a couple laps
>water is really nice and the rain falling down makes it even better
>look over to the girls
>oh fuck
>I completely forgot to open the gate for them
>one of the girls is trying to reach over the fence to undo the gate while another is climbing it
>before I can help they manage to open the gate
>try to apologize but they are clearly very mad
>slink back to my dorm dejectedly
>think about how I badly I blundered swimming with three baddies alone
>get to building
>realize I left my keycard at the pool
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Why are there no leg pulling exercises?
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What do you do to get ahead in life that you wouldn't reveal to Normies?
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Why do people from the past look so much older?

Lack of sunscreen? Higher stress? Different hormones from meat?
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so is nikicado the average american?

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What was your breakfast today?
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I'm speechless.
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I wanna start working out consistently but I don't really like eating, what should I eat?

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Woah, Christian bale used to look like THAT???