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Is there even a point in lifting if you can get only 6hrs of sleep?

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Chronic insomniac. Have periods with (slighty) better sleep and worse sleep but my sleep averages around 5-6 hours. Have tried anything. except resorting to hard drugs. If you suggest "sleep hygene" I will strangulate you to death in slow motion.
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There have several threads on this board saying Andrew will lose all his gains in jail, because of no access to steroids. I can remember the posts "haha, this is what getting off trt does to a man", "look at his neck! he's losing it already" "just wait till he gets out of jail, no one will respect him anymore" "its all over for tate!"
>meanwhile, 1 day after getting released
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How do girls know if you're "athletic"?
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mitochondrial minmaxxing

<what else
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/fph/ - control plus f no results edition redux

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TRT bros…

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It’s over
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Every time I do push ups, bench press or Squats, I get a migraine like headache that run from the back of my neck to the side of my skull and then lasts throughout the whole workout (even longer)
How do I get rid of that?

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Bros I'm at the gym right now. Give me some energy to ask out this girl. She has headphones on.
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Alternatives to Bench for a home gym fag

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It feels too risky nor can I maintain proper form without a spotter since I'm a beginner. I'm starting GZCLP btw. Since, whatever alternative isn't going to give the exact benefits of a Barbell Bench press, what other exercise should I add in T3 to overall get the same benefits as doing a Barbell Bench Press.
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