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/fph/: rebellious edition

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/PLG/ - Powerlifting General - Trust No One Edition

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post video of your lifts
>programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials
>tripfag numbers
>conjugate pastebin
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How’s your hair doing?
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In your local gym do you see a lot of Tiktok girls trying to record lifters and pass them as alleged perverts?

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Does /fit/ go clubbing?
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Have I “made it”, bros?
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Tell me a physical trait that people noticed/complimented on you

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When I was in school, I would do a lot of power running. Literally one hour straight. As result, I built serious lower body power, quads were strong, hip flexors strong and so was my butt.
Literally 2 female colleagues grabbed it, many would also notice and give looks.
Butt is often underrated asaf (when people talk about desirable muscles when it comes to attraction) but wymen like butt as well.

What about you? Which one of your physical features received the most attention from people?
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Best shoulder exercises for big delts?
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/cbt/, DYEL edition

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Other thread is over 300
Been lifting for around 14 months, 76kg 180cm
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