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Motivation Thread

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Motivation Thread:
>mfw broke 62 nofap by edging too far
Post your personal 10/10's for motivation for anything lifts/diet/nofap/etc...
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Do you prefer your bae

>swole or
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Hey /fit/, how does it feel knowing you will never be as good looking as me? =)
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is this a good way to do squats

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Friendly reminder that the most alpha man in recent history was a 5'2" manlet

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>b-b-but I'm 6'2" and I can get girls to suck my dick whenever I want! That makes me an alpha Chad!
kek, getting blowjobs is easy. How many women would be willing to literally stab somebody to death for you? Oh, you don't have any women who would break into a rich person's house and stab the whole family to death? Sorry lanklet, but that makes you a beta.
Charles "Chad" Manson had an entire harem of sexy young women that would literally murder anybody he wanted them to. He had a dozen gorgeous young ladies that would break into a home and stab everybody to death just because he told them to.
If you don't have a crew of hot ass willing to spend the rest of their lives in prison just because you told them to, you're beta as fuck.
>b-b-but I have lots of money!
Yeah, so did Roman Polanski and Leno LaBianca. How's that work out? Manson sent his femme fatales to murder Polanski's family including his unborn child and then they stabbed LaBianca too.
>b-b-but this isn't /fit/ related
/fit/ is a board for discussing height, that's been clearly established by all the insecure lanklets on here trying (and failing) to mock Chads just for being shorter than them. But also:

Has /fit/ ever been to prison? Do guys in prison work out as much as Hollywood tells me they do? Movies and TV tell me all the dudes in prison just lift weights all day and are jacked as fuck, is that really how it is? Should I just stab some people so I can go the Penn and get jacked?
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It's bulking season, boys.
How many are at full bag a day tier?
I am close.

Gym Stories

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Post your favorite gym moments!

>recovering skeleton
>work out at YMCA ($19)
>start meal prepping so I don’t have excuses to not eat
>go to the Y
>microwave my shit up: steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas
>grab my fork and about to dig in
>fat friend walks in
>”Hey Anon!”
>”Hey Elias!”
>”damn anon you’re eating like it’s thanksgiving already, how are you skinny when you eat like that?”
>”I eat like this *because* I’m skinny”
>read: I need to gain weight
>guy who supervises the room where I’m eating perks up
>over 250 lbs and in a wheelchair
>”Ugh, guys like you have it so easy *chuckle*”

I only got my shit together diet wise relatively recently, and I’ve gained 20 solid lbs, shit is far harder than pushing weight.

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its not working
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Why didnt she respond?

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How do i get stronger so i can stop rapists?
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