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FPH Fate Hate Thread

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Last one just archived. Commencing dump.
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How many times should I go to the gym a day?

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no QTDDTOT thread made QTDDTOT thread

If I'm lifting five days a week should I be having a protein shake on my two days off?
What about creatine?
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fictional goal body thread

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post them
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workout music

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No metal unless it's sludge.
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89% of women prefer white men with darker features.

Being pale is typically seen as less attractive for males. Tan men appear more masculine, and more defined. Soft features such as blonde or red hair are more desirable on females.

Melanotan II is the cure to being a pasty boy. Easy tans that take little maintenance, and darker hair as well. If you are a brown hair guy with red facial hair, this stuff may help you get a uniform and more attractive beard color.

• Easy tan that lasts longer
• Can darken facial hair
• Increases boner frequency
• Potent looksmaxing tool

• Can cause freckling. Most subside within a week.
• Can cause dormant moles to activate
• First few applications can cause some people's lips to appear temporarily blue

Do your own research. It may not be right for you. But many pale lads have found the cure to thier pasty curse Ruth melanotan II.
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/plg/ powerlifting general

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/PLG/ powerlifting general
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How does one hook up with the tinder sluts? All I ever come across is ugly minorities and I don't get many matches, and the few I do the convos go nowhere really, is there a guide for this out there?
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Well lads,

Where have you been hurt?
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