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How's your side profile Anon?
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Are cooked eggs healthy to eat everyday or bad for you? I know raw eggs are a meme but that aside, are they bad for you? I eat them almost every day.
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Why is this place so toxic at times?

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After the thread last week regarding the female equivalent of fit, crystal caves I check out their forums and it seems so comfy.

Feels thread without anyone calling you a fag, general advice being tossed around regarding life instead of memes meant to throw off new-fags (SS+GOMAD, 5 scoops a day, you need to do steroids, manlets never gonna make it).

The only thing that I can compare to pic related is the occasional making it, mire, or /SIG/ threads where people aren't assholes to each other. Even in the accomplishment threads someone posts "just made 2 plate bench" and you get the, "1/2/3/4 is just the starting line, congrats you're still DYEL" comments.

What gives. Shouldn't we all be making it together.
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>intermittent fasting!

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>insulin spikes!
>longetivity diet!
>feeding window!
>fruit has too much sugar!

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I'm fat.
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>Squat 325 lbs Bench 308 lbs Deadlift 446 lbs.
>Total 1069 lbs.
>all of which is raw
>school teacher and soccer mom
>works out in home gym only
How do you feel about this /fit/? Does she lift more than you?
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He thinks he can make it, without at least being adept at a intellectual game like chess or go...

Dead hangs

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Are passive dead hangs good for your shoulders, or do they fuck them up? I've seen some conflicting information. Some say that you should only hang actively i.e. with scapulae retracted.
Hanging passively makes my shoulders feel good personally, but I don't want to one day realise I've irrevocably fucked my shit up because of them.
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Afternoon gym rage

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>day off work
>I'll go train early
>11:45pm gym full of people well into their 60-70's
>I'm cool with that. Good for you!
>One old guy seems to be following my routine and needs same equipment
>no problems. I only have to pull a pin on the weight to get my weight set after his set
>I do a set. Wander off for a drink.
>He's using the machine
>wait patiently
>He's finished his set. Sees me and just sits there
>I smile and say I've only got one more set if I can just finish up
>He sits there and says it's HIS machine and I'll have to wait because young people have no manners and don't know how to que
>I lost my shit. Called him an old selfish cunt and maybe he wants to go and talk to the staff about this thing called 'working in' and you can't just sit there waiting for the grim reaper while the whole gym waits for you to die
>some guy wanders up to me laughing saying it's always like this in the daytime
manager pulls me up when I'm leaving saying somebody complained about my rude behaviour
>tell him what happened. He tells me different rules apply in the daytime and to be chill
So tell me, what would you have done?