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Is this a /fit/ meal?
>1合 white rice
>homemade vegetable stock
>2 cloves garlic
>homemade Szechuan-style sausage and/or sweet cured pork belly browned in a pan
>random vegetables, mixed root+greens
>onions sauce
>1 egg on top
>steamed in clay pot or in electric rice cooker
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/fph/: Encounter with the Oger sisters edition

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>lifting won't make my face more attractive

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What sports do you watch regularly?
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why do women do memeshit exercises
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/SHG/ - Sexual Health General

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What’s /fit/‘s recommended treatment for premature ejaculation?
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Good Morning thread

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What fitness-related leisure activities are you doing this Sunday?
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>"Just smile more!"
Does this really work?
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/plg/ - powerlifting general

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>Smear frame edition

If you want form advice, post a video.

Important information to give when asking for general advice
>Your current numbers on S/B/D (P/B/S/D)
>Years lifting
>Program History
>Real life impact to training if needed
>What you like doing in the gym

>How to bench press with Scott Mendelsons
https://youtu.be/TCBAJoQvms8 [Open]

>How to squat with Chris Duffin
https://youtu.be/U5zrloYWwxw [Open]

>How to deadlift with Chris Duffin
https://youtu.be/oiDczs9j75E [Open]

>Programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials

>Conjugate pastebin

>Tripfag Numbers
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>be me
>7th grade
>crush grabs forearm
>says it’s squishy
I’ve been hitting the weights ever since. Sophomore in college and women call my body rock hard. Doesn’t matter, my middle school crush is out there still thinking my forearms are squishy.
I saw her today, we go to the same UNI, didn’t know cause covid and online classes, in person instruction just began.
She admires my body.
Ask her if she still thinks my forearms are squishy.
She’s visibly confused as she doesn’t remember her comment that made me almost want to kill myself.
I remind her of what she says. She compliments my memory. Gives me her number. I have a date with her tomorrow. Going to fuck her like she fucked me all those years ago.
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