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>just be 6’5, work out 7 times a week, cut down to 5% bodyfat and get lefort 3 so you can have the leftovers of some 4/10 manlet oofy doofy

It’s not fair, bros. I wish I was a normie.

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Ok which one of you is this? I work in the food business and want to tell you this type of entitled behaviour is really annoying and makes my work 10 times harder. And it's not just pic related, it's all the "oh can you swap the mash for salad please", "oh and the chicken can it be just grilled, no sauce" etc... If you are dining out just dine out and pick something on the menu this is not your personal kitchen!!!
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fat people hate
last thread is about to die
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nostalgia thread

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Here we remember the good threads past
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>getting ready for the gym
>accidentally end up looking at my own face a little bit too much in the bathroom mirror
>day ruined, go back to bed

3+ years in the gym to be a 5.5 uggo
I'll kill myself holy shit

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My wrist started hurting/feeling tight and sore especially when using the computer(need it for work). Should I rest it completely or are there certain rehabilitation exercises I can do? I think it’s RSI but am not sure how to proceed
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How Long Can You Do it?

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Get up walk to the wall.
Place the back of your head against the wall.
Place your butt against the wall.
Place your calves against the wall.
Place the back of your hands against the wall.

Constant pressure against the wall! If this isn't difficult enough add kettlebells!

How long can you hold it?

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I hate the bench so fucking much, what a stupid fucking retard exercise. Can’t progress at all. On symmetric strength im 10% ahead with almost every exercise but bench is fucking -20%

I hate it so fucking much.
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Whenever I see anyone doing pic rel, I immediately assume they're fucking retarded and weak. I have never been wrong.
All it is is an inferior rack pull/dl from blocks. Seriously, give me one (1) reason why you'd ever do this absolute fucking retarded nonsense over a rack pull/raised diddy.
And on top of that, no one should be doing rack pulls until they're late intermediates anyway.
And on top of that top, it looks fucking retarded.
I rest my case.
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