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underwear in the gym shower

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People who wear underwear in the shower after a workout, why you do that?
>Is it cause you have small penis?
>Or is it cause high proportion of brown people do it. Is it against Allah to show peeper to other men? Thought Turkish baths were all makes for example?
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I'm about to GOMAD. Pray for me.
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Push Up Thread

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Time for some pushups, goddammit

Normal mode: 3 digits
Hard mode: 4 digits
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Small waist but big pelvis

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Wat do

Look similar to pic related but better shoulder-waist ratio with less muscle
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Times you’ve gotten /mired/

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>Be me at work yesterday
>QT skinny waitress comes up behind me
>”Wow anon you’ve really glowed up after you put on muscle haha”
>Smile at her
>Walk away
>MFW she doesn’t say hi to me anymore
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Why have these threads been dying :(

Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to read ALL OF the r/steroids wiki:

>Reddit link
yeah, fuck off

Don't ask us to help you dose your AI. It's very individual. or see CCFC's handy faggotry guide.

Oral-only cycles put strain on the liver and cause a shutdown of natural testosterone production for not a lot of benefit. Just pin and thank us later.

ABSOLUTELY no source talk.

This isn't a medical forum. Stop asking for medical advice and go to a doctor.

Don't ask us to help you schedule your pinning dosages. Use http://steroidcalc.com/

If you're going to ask a beginner question, make sure to include:
- age
- bf%
- time spent training
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/PLG/ - Powerlifting General

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Win your weight class edition

/PLG/ approved Intermediate Programs

>Bro Tier (trying hard, having sex, loving life required)
5th Set (late intermediates)
Hank's 5/3/1 BBB v1.8
Westside for Skinny Bastards
Madcow Intermediate (best for early intermediate)
Destroy the Opposition (J. Lewis)
Cube Kingpin
Smolov Jr. (as optimized by Hank)
The Cube (+ Predator)
Spotoshot (bench only)
Simon's 3-day Texas method
Juggernaut Method 2.1 (a more periodized version of Hank's 5/3/1)
nSuns 5/3/1 (written by a 1200 total Redditor, this is a beginner program btw)

>Nerd Tier (must have IQ higher than bodyweight in kg)
Nuckols Average to Savage
Nuckols 28 Free
GZCL (any variation)
TSA 9 Week
Blevins Skynet AI ($, but cheap)

>Meme Tier (might work if you love memes)
Texas Method 3-Day
Texas Method Trappy Version
Juggernaut Method 2.0
Conjugate (best in a good gym)
Smolov Jr.
Texas Method 4-day Split Model from PPST.
Bulgarian/Bugenhagen Method
Heavy Light Medium (not a program, just a loose DUP template).
Slavic Swole
Hepburn (8x2-3s)

>RPE Garbage Tier
The Bridge
Barbell Medicine
RTS Generalized Intermediate
RTS Emerging Strategies
PtW Intermediate

>Retard Cuck-Tier
PH3 (need a tourniquet to choke yourself, and it has a 100% injury rate)
Candito 6 Week (guaranteed injury)
*the majority of the above are pedaled by fake natty e-lifters and fitness youtubers who have NEVER run the programs they are selling
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QTDDTOT - John Madden Edition

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Last one is dying. Post your silly questions here.

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Post your inspiration to get fit.
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