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Why is this board so obsessed with training for strength and chasing numbers?
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Is the average untrained man stronger than a gymmaxxed woman?
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How frequent are your cheat days, Anon?
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Are you strong enough to beat a guy in a wheelchair?
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/wph/- weak people hate

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>ctrl + f
>no /wph/
c'mon fellas...
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I didn’t get the chance to respond to this guy before it archived

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No, fructose is not similar. The reason the gi is the same is due to fibre in apples.. That’s why I was impressed by the milk gi, as there’s no fibre in it

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>he skips dick day
NGMI and you will never be able to properly fuck a brapper like this

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Why are most construction workers fat as hell if they work hard all day?
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Is a home gym worth it?
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>We didn't expect you anon but since you're here you can stay if you want

What do /fit/ chads
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