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>he counts the bar weight
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My vegan experience

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I went vegan about a year ago, primarily as an experiment to see what all the fuss is about. Best decision I ever made. Cleaner skin, thicker hairline, better performance, better mental clarity.

Don't believe me? try going vegan for a month, and make a post about it one month from now.

protip: get on cronometer and track micros
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>spend 12+ hours a day sitting down in front of PC
>only drink Coca Cola, no exceptions
>eat mostly spaghetti, potatoes, and rice since I can't cook for shit
>almost never go outside or even walk
>doing this for over a decade now
>feel completely fine
You guys are retards wasting your time.
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how do i achieve this look /fit/?
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>fruit juice is unhealthy because it's just sugar water since you strip it of its fiber and other nutritional properties

solution: blend it instead

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I'm bored as fuck on my rest days and I desperately need a new hobby

What do you guys do? I want something that I can get good at and get some return from

Love you guys
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Cut or bulk ?
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>No fap for 2 months
>meet this cardio bunny at a work outreach event
>match with her on tinder
>take her to some shitty sushi place
>conversation is good
>she wants to start lifting
>get all autistic for a little bit
>she smiles and seems to enjoy the advice
>dropping her off and ask if she wants to watch a movie
>we are laying in her bed
>her room has a bunch of shit she probably bought from some yoga website
>we start making out before the movie starts
>starts grabbing at my dicker
>im diamonds right now
>i manage to get my hand into her pants
>pull out clothes off
>she spits on her hand and wipes it on the tip of my dick
>i grab her and pull her close
>slowly push my didler into her
>literally one pump and i cum completely inside her
>like i dont want to toot my own horn but this was probably a massive load
>go completely soft
>she asks whats wrong i said i have no fucking idea
>sweating a little
>i say some shit that loosely resembles me not wanting to have sex with her right now
>i can see the disappointment in her eyes
>watch a little bit of Fantastic Four and leave

So this meme sucks, and do i go and try to fuck her again? Or just cut losses?
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Things that annoy you in the gym

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>guys screaming before/after a lift
>guys leaving their shit all over like wraps, shakers, belts
>some fag using the light dumbbells directly in front of the heavy dumbbells so no one can get to them
>gymthots with their visible ass crack in my face
>underage girls dressed in gymthot attire (makes me uncomfortable)
>old dudes staring at me
>thots that think I'm looking at them when I'm not
>not being able to take my phone out to record my pr because the aforementioned thot will think I'm taking a pic of her ass
>fags that take the locker right next to me when the changing room is empty
>naked guys in the changing room that are naked for an unnecessary amount of time
>unsolicited advice

any else?
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What is the best way to progress in the ab wheel rollout? There seems to be a huge difficulty gap between regular form and doing them on your toes
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