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Why do most white girls in the gym look the same
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What is better, women with a jacked good upper body, lower body, or both? I'd say upper body with 6 pack and tittes, what do you think, Anon? Post pictures to support your claim
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gym buddy can only go to Planet Fitness, is it really that bad from what I heard about there?
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got rug burn on dick from banging fleshlight without lube, any ideas?
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What’s the hype with quinoa? Is it really that great?
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Well. This is the end.
>helicopters keep flying over my house
>get gang stalked every single day
>just lost 540 dollars in stocks (literally all the money i had)
>family wants to murder me
>keep hearing niggers giggling 10 feet from my window every night
>older brother has recently came out as a tranny and has admitted he has sexual feelings for me
>younger sister has picked up off me and now will literally not stop watching hentai
>step dad does nothing but smoke weed and drink knock off beer, also sometimes hits me
>mom is starting to do harder drugs again, tfw have seen her come into my room and take money from my wallet

Since you guys have always been my favorite board, and have kept me entertained. I'll return the
favor this one time. I'll be streaming my suicide in about 5 minutes. In the mean time, I shall answer any questions, suggestions, etc

>inb4 go out in a blaze of glory
Nope, not going to ruin other peoples lives.
>inb4 is there anything i can do to change your mind
Nope, its Happening.

stream link/url + more quick rundown:

Goodbye /fit/.
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Is it possible to get abs like this in 2 weeks?

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ITT: autistic things you do at the gym

>bring a can of pickles to my workout
>god tier electrolytes on demand
>people look at me strange when I eat them though
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