A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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should I get some chink food to end off my chill sunday? Also am I going to make it?
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>get tested for low T
>normal range is 270-1,070
>i have 145
>it's not low enough, my insurance company uses a 100-800 scale
What's the point of anything?
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What are some books that every man should read?
Pic definitely related.
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Can we get a braphog thread?
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How do fuck do I properly clean my anus after taking a shit /fit/?
I've been having an awful lot of trouble wiping my fucking ass lately. I can feel some sticky residue afterwards and I can't fucking relax knowing my ass is dirty. Being finnish we have bidet showers in almost every toilet but using those is a hassle and doesn't affect the oily remnants. At home i put some body lotion on the toilet paper and it cleans some of the dirt but I feel there must be something better out there How do you do it? I know there's an underlying gut problem but fixing my digestion is a longer term goal than having a squeaky clean asshole.
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Anyone do heavy single leg deadlifts/rdls?

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how to get a girl to fill me

I thought I made it.... How badly did I fuck up?

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How badly did I fuck this up?
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>tfw you will never lift together with the Delray misfits

why even lift bros?

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This is the average state of the female that browses the internet as much as you do, anon. Are you any better than her?
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