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Let's talk about TM

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As we all know, the most popular template of Texas method that circulates the internet is the following
>Volume day
Squat 5x5 @90%
Bench 5x5 @90%
Deadlift 1x5 @ no mentioned percentage, "don't worry squats should carry it" according to PP ed.3
>Recovery day
Squat 2x5 @80%
OHP 3x5 @90%
>Intensity day
Squat, bench 5rm
Power clean 5x3
I'd like a template without power cleans. The book has templates for strongmen, WL and other stuff, nothing for recreational lifting. The closest I found was from Izzy's powerlifting to win where he recommends substituting PCs for deficit deadlifts and to reduce squat volume on Monday. The program should look like this:
>Volume day
Squat 3x5 @90%
Bench 5x5 @90%
Deficit Deadlift 3x5 @70% (lower % because deficit and fatigue)
>Recovery day
Squat 2x5 @80%
OHP 3x5 @90%
>Intensity day
Squat, bench, deadlift 5rm
Assuming we agree that the above is an acceptable TM template (if you disagree you better have a higher Wilks than Izzy), is there anything wrong with the following template? Are the changes
Change 1: FB 3x -> UL 6x (UL 4x is acceptable by the book)
Change 2: VV/II -> IV/IV (acceptable by the book iirc)
Change 3: a bit more pressing volume
Resulting template:
Squat 5rm
Deficit Deadlift 3x5 @70%
Bench 5rm
OHP 3x5 @90%
Squat 2x5 @80%
Back extensions
Incline CGBP 2x5 @70%
Deadlift 5rm
Squat 3x5 @90%
OHP 5rm
Bench 3x5 @90%
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>get tested for low T
>normal range is 270-1,070
>i have 145
>it's not low enough, my insurance company uses a 100-800 scale
What's the point of anything?
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General vegan thread, mainly for discussion of health as this is a fitness board, although if anyone's interested we can always discuss ethics and the environment.

So here's my main proposition, give me an explanation as to why a meat eater diet is superior to a vegan one for fitness, or vice versa.

Here's a link to our vegan-fit discord: https://discord.gg/WA2P32d
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Where can I get Viagra or anything boner inducing without perscription /fit/?
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/fit/, how can we bring back the good old days of actual fitness advice and related topics?

all i see is chad threads, face threads, and other things by incel + r9k losers
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Would Deku's training work?
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What is this mode called?
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went into the xmas weekend saying id take some days off, but feel myself wanting to get the gym. what the fuck bruhs feels like im getting addicted. is this a bad thing?

/skin/ general

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It's been a minute since we've had a good skin health thread. share advice, stories, popping videos, etc. all about skin.

>biggest organ of your body
>first thing women see
>can make a 2/10 face a 9/10 face with proper care
>better skin = better confidence
>satisfying to pop pimples and zits.

How is your skin /fit/? Hope you've been washing your face after sweating out all that grease.
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Choosing a Martial Art

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What martial art should I study?

-I'm 6'2'' (188 cm) and 140 lbs (63 kg).
-No prior experience with martial arts
-I play tennis regularly
-Mostly plant-based diet, a bit of meat about every other day

If any other information is needed, ask below
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