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Is Jordynne Grace fit or fat?
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>hurry uncle anon no-one's looking get inside my hole
wut do
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>Wowee uncle anon, your thighs are so big muscular, and your butt is so tight & round... can I feel them?
Wat do?

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At what point will self-improvement through weightlifting make zero different when trying to attract women?
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based or cringe?

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>lives a better life than you because of face
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Q and fitness

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Did q ever have any fitness-related drops? I'm sort of new to the awakening (not interested in politics). What's the real truth about bench press?
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Test Boost Thread

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Yellow Fever Edition
Lifts to get submissive & breedable asian gf? I'm thinking OHP
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how do I impress a young lass like this /fit/?
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Will lifting help get rid of the constant feeling of hopelessness and emptiness?
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