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how do I stop sleeping so much?
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/CNG/ - Colonizer General - Update the tierlist edition

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In /CNG/ we talk about the best lifts and ways to colonize Muslim, Black and Latino women. Even Indian princess talk is welcome. Asian women are welcome too, but keep it to high class asians, no south east asia.

Questions to start the thread:

Current colonizing objective:
Which lifts/split/technique you are doing to accomplish it:
What you are doing after you reached your colonizing goal:


General questions asked / FAQ:

>"I want white kids / Dont want my kids to be brown"

Its very important to still have white children
The current active(and passive) leaders in that field recommend 1 extra colonized woman for every 65kg of bench press (Other exercises may vary). Please note that this is just guideline, and depends on other factors such as the origin of the woman, your personality and skills, etc. This is just a guideline to ensure safe colonizing. Should you be unsure, please consult an advisor on this topic

>"Can I post about buckbreaking?"

Buckbreaking should go in /BBG/- Buck Breaking General, its designated place

>"This is not 100% /fit/ related"
So is all the jewish racebait and borderline porn and jackoff threads, but apperantly the jannitors think thats acceptable. So why not have a bit of banter?

Tierlist (Races not in any order):

Latina women:

Asian women:

Jomon Japanese > Japs > Rich chinks > koreans > poor chinks

Muslim/arab women:

Black women:


I lift to capture this feeling

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I had one of those dreams again last night. One of the ones I have just a few times a year, about some fantasy girl and some fantasy situation my brain makes up during the last hour of my sleep, before I wake up. It's not one of those morning wet sex dreams I get more often, the ones that wake me up just I'm about to finish fucking some more ridiculous, oversexed fantasy girl my brain also made up. This one feels so much more real, and it fills me with a feeling I've only experienced restricted glimpses of throughout the rest of my life.

There's no sex in this dream, even if there is a subtle sense of infatuation and physical longing. It's a dream about love, about desiring and being desired with intensity on both sides, without either of us acting zealously eager or awkward. It's so pure and well choreographed, and fulfills the description "like a dream" to a tee. It's intensely fulfilling, in a way I've never really felt before.

Nothing I've ever done or accomplished has made me feel the way this dream and this brain fabricated fantasy girl have made me feel. None of my academic achievements, none of the personal social or fitness successes I've had, none of my hobbies or interests, nor anything else that I do "for myself". I think that in real life, I'm always trying to step closer to the feeling I get from these dreams, and to the glimpses of that feeling I sometimes get in real life when I overhype only tangentially similar situations.

I do everything under the illusion that I'll be able to emulate the feeling these dreams give me, in the hope that it'll help me attract someone who can help me experience something even half as good as what I experience in these dreams. The longer I go on the more the disparity between fantasy and reality seems to grow. I can't turn myself into the kind of person my brain portrays me as in these dreams, and I can't find the dream girl. I can't settle for less, because I can't capture that far off feeling by settling for less.

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it's fucking over
uncle anon won
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Best way to get 6 pack abs in 3 weeks?
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Is self improvement just cope?
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height discussions on 4chan:

>hhaha bro if you're under 6' you'll never be attractive to girls just kill yourself HEIGHT FACE AND FRAME haha
>"I'm a 5'11 manlet and I agree, we should be genocided, we're subhuman!"
>allowed by mods

dick size discussions on 4chan:

>haha bro my dick is only 5.5" and I'm f-fine I swear, only whores like big dicks, it's all about the motion of the ocean...
>"yeah man my dick is big but it doesn't matter haha girls can't even fit it (lie to make the dicklet feel better)!"
>deleted by mods because the mods are faggot dicklet cunts

Nah, fuck you. You get to make fun of my height I'm going to dump on your tiny ass pathetic little dick bitch. And fuck all the other big dicked guys placating dicklets, stop trying to make them feel better when they'd try to shit on you over any one of your own insecurities. Why should I feel bad for being a manlet but you dicklets get to cope about your tiny ass dicks on here? Dick size is way more important than height because women can't feel anything with your tiny microdicks by the way.
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This is why I lift.
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