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Still a virgin at 37

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2022 was not good for me, hope for more in 2023.

I hope we all make it in 2023!
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LMAO look at this manlet getting bullied
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What kind of bodies do qt brown mutts like?
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Do tomboys like /fit/ short (5'7) guys?
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Which of these did he look best in terms of attractive a female (getting bitches)? I think 3, and that anything after like 5/6 is ridiculous looking and unasthetic. Also peep his facial structure changes from starting gear while still in puberty, that’s insane and he’s look different without it. I wonder to what degree that occurs in fully developed adults.
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Reward snack help

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How do you guys portion your reward meals to minimize calorie gains.

I like to reward myself for going to the gym, so sometimes I'll give myself a snack of chips. Or a bowl of ice cream sometimes candy. I still lose weight but it's getting slower now. I'm thinking maybe I should reduce my reward size or do more cardio since I like eating my rewards and they motivate me to go to the gym since I only eat my rewards after I come back from the gym or on my rest days
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A few times a week my niece rolls over and starts speaking in tongues in her sleep, which wakes me up and ruins my recovery. Would some glycine or melatonin stop this from happening?
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jarty win
sh4rty lost
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Testosterone Maxxing

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How do you make your testosterone as high as possible without taking steroids or TRT?
>Nofap peaks test levels after 7 days
>Onions increase test by 300%
>Exercise increases test by 45%
>Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium and saturated fat maintain testosterone
>Not overeating as well
>Sleep is great for test
>Milk as well
Anything else? I want ridiculously high natural T levels. You know, basically the average man from 1950.
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