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Continuation of what we do between sets thread. What do you do in-between sets?
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Nail Health

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How do I make these fucking white spots go away? My nails look so gnarly. I’m taking collagen supplementation regularly, I eat a high meat and dairy diet. I don’t think I’m deficient in any micro nutrient but maybe you guys have some ideas?

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I am built like this. Is there any hope for me? I am trying to lose body fat and recently started running and cycling.
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>hurry uncle anon no-one's looking get inside my hole
wut do
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>Who is /fat/ for?
For carbohydrate cretins who are working towards a better physique through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication..
This is not QTDDTOT, stick to questions on fat loss. Post height and weight when asking for advice.
Join our Fatty Contest:

>What do I do first?
1. Read
2. Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
3. Calculate your TDEE
Remember to use bodyfat% and use Katch-McArdle Formula with sedentary settings or your TDEE will be too high.
4. Plan your weight loss
5. Track your nutrition with MyFitnessPal (better for packaged food), Cronometer (better for generic food/macros) or LoseIt (great for both).

>Now what?
Count calories, all of them.
Eat about 500-1000 less calories than your TDEE.
Buy scales, be accurate.
Learn to cook. Try to stick to lean protein and green vegetables.
Eat a lot of protein. 1g per lb of goal lean body mass.
Doing cardio, even just walking, will improve your health. There is no such thing as a healthy fat heart, but you can offset the risks.
Lifting weights will keep and gain muscle mass and burn fat much quicker. No lifting results in the body burning away muscle AND fat.
Drink more water.
Read the /fit/ sticky

Eat refined sugars, they're terrible for you regardless of calories.
Eat processed foods.
Drink your calories (alcohol, soda, starbucks).
Freak out over a weight loss stall. Plateaus can last up to three weeks.
"Reward" yourself. Cheat days cheat only yourself.
Be a retard.

>Other resources:
Loose skin, gyno & stretch marks:
Reddit wiki:

tranny fitness

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What's a good routine for an MTF tranny? I have 20lbs and 25lbs dumbbells and a pull up bar.

inb4 neckhangs until failure
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/PLG/ - Powerlifting General

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>POWER edition.
You can squat 6pl8 right?

>How to The Press with Big Boy

>How to bench press with Scott Mendelsons

>How to squat with Chris Duffin

>How to deadlift with Chris Duffin

Additional videos and reading on benching, squatting, deadlifting, bands, accessories, etc., can be found in the pastbin.

>The official pastebin

>Tripfag Numbers

Check the pastebin for /PLG/'s collection of PROGRAMS that are ALL confirmed to be shit.

If you want a METHOD that actually works, check the all things conjugate pastebin below

Remember to post between Figgy
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/fit/ humour thread
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/fph/: fat people hate thread

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Old one got archived
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