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Manlet hate thread
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high test shows on Netflix
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I just had sex with a really hot 23 year old Korean prostitute. Is this positively or negatively affecting my gains?
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fastest way to get a thin face

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5'7"/170 lbs
170cm/77 kg

i dont care about being fit or muscular

i just want to be lean and thin so i can have a sharper face instead of the fat donut face i have now

what's a good diet?
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Why do people want to be Guts?

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>Get raped by a black man
>Start lifting so noone ever takes your ass without consent again
>Skinny twink comes along and kills all your friends and starts giving your gf the best dick of her life in front of you
>You chop off your arm and gauge out your eye trying to escape but its for nothing you cannot escape the grasp of the friends of the twink that are holding you down
>You girlfriend is still non-stop cumming and moaning on top of the twink chads dick
>G-Guts dont l- AHHH YES DADDY RIGHT THERE i mean... d-dont look b-big ones like this UGHHHH *eyes roll back vaginal fluid fluid flowing down her legs* big o-ones like this hurt yours is perfect
>The twink creampies your gf and gets her pregnant
>Someone finally steps in and saves you and your gf
>You take care of your pregnant and now insane from experiencing her most intense orgasm she ever had gf
>You trian for 500 chapters to get your revange and protect your wife and your wifes son from the twink
>Your wife regains sanity thanks to years of therapy
>You get new friends
>You start moving on from what happened
>Twink returns as skinny as the last time
>"Yooo you fixed her up for me? thanks man now i can put another baby in her."
>Kills all your friends again
>Your attacks are useless they just bounce off his perfect skin not even leaving a scratch all of those chapters of training and powering up for NOTHING
>the twink doesnt even notice he was attacked by you thats how patheticly weak you are
>The twink lights your village on fire and leaves with your gf and his kid you have been taking care of for the last 5 years now that hes potty trained
How do people read this shit and be like "I want to be like Guts! Berserk is so inspirational!!!"
Is the cuck fetish just that popular?
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Manlet hate thread #2 Since the previous from few hours ago was deleted

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>Be you
>Be under 6 feet
>POV: You ask a woman out

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Why is masturbation good but porn bad?

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Meat is murder

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If you eat meat, you are a psychopath.

nofap thread

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since we know the harm of pornography and how it ruins our lives, tell me: what are you doing to not relapse and get rid of it?
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