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If we get >66666666 in this thread christcucks will be forever banished from this board
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REAL Chads

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Have you ever met an actual Chad in real life? I mean a socially outgoing athletic guy who has tons of friends and also succeeds in life?

If you told these guys you are "self improving" with nofap, reading shit nobody cares about, eating "clean", mewing and all that I'm 100% sure they would laugh at you and say you just need to go out more and be more confident. This whole self improvement cult is for autistic incel NEETs who are completely out of touch with reality
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Elliot rodger's brother

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Farm the rice.
Pay the price.

This is elliot rodger's half brother, Jazz Rodger.

Born to a north african mother. The people of MENA is what most wignat types would address as "subhuman" but they produce far, far better offspring compared to the commonly fetishized jungle asians.

Don't have babies with asians if you're a european. If you must cope, and you cannot find a suitable mate, stick to the northern african to southern europe lower tier women. Otherwise you will produce sons who will commit mass murder.
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Is getting an average looking girlfriend as an average looking but /fit/ guy really as difficult as this board makes it out to be?
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Does anger work for or against you in a fight?
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What do you wear to the gym? What is good gym attire?
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/lrg/ Locker Room General - off topic discussion and bants loosely related to fitness

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Jailbird Edition

Welcome to /fit/'s Locker Room. Here the bros talk loosely and casually with the other regulars at the gym /fit/ - Fitness.

While we work hard and talk about optimizing programming and dieting and everything fitness related in the gym we also talk casually about things not specifically related to the gym but yet related to it. Or things you want to ask your fellow /fitizens/ about but never get the chance to because its not allowed in the gym.

Usual topics of conversations and bants include
>Tinder, asking about girls etc, showing off your latest tinder whales you slayed
>talking about that nice ass you spotted in the squat rack
>whatever tfw
>whatever rants and bants you feel like sharing
>Remember to not feed the trolls or take the bait.
>any and all welcome
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/plg/ - Powerlifting General

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>live large edition

>The official pastebin (includes books and videos on various things like recovery, stretching, programs, band usage, etc)

>Trips PRs Pastebin
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>your favorite lift
>your fetish(es)

Gentle femdom
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What is the most time-efficient late beginner 3 day program?

>bench lmao2pl8
>ohp 65kg
>squat 120kg
>deadlift 155kg