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Testosterone Maxxing

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How do you make your testosterone as high as possible without taking steroids or TRT?
>Nofap peaks test levels after 7 days
>Onions increase test by 300%
>Exercise increases test by 45%
>Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium and saturated fat maintain testosterone
>Not overeating as well
>Sleep is great for test
>Milk as well
Anything else? I want ridiculously high natural T levels. You know, basically the average man from 1950.
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eat ze bugs... alive?

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Saw some niggas eating these shit alive and I'm curious how much protein is it per worm. Does anyone know the nutritional content of it per serving? I couldn't find it on the internet.

Also trips and I'll post webm of me eating em

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Based gym attire
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Give ONE good argument against polyamory, incels.
>uhh uhh I DON'T L-LIKE IT
doesn't count
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Honest question
Is it possible for a male to get an ass this big with just exercise and supplements?
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Another day of being a /KHHV/

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Still going to the gym though. How are my incelbros doing?
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Why are Manlets so annoying and whiny?

Fucking queers
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>too much fat to bulk
>not enough muscle to cut
How do I escape this purgatory
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Wrist workouts?

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Need some wrist workouts for my bitch wrists. Been doing basic wrist curls and using grip strengtheners and wanna mix it up. help anons.
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