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That is all

/plg/ - powerlifting general

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If you want advice, post video of your lifts

>programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials

>tripfag numbers

>conjugate pastebin
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How many boosters should people get?

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In order to keep their good health? What has your personal experience been with vaccines or vaccinated people?
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>just saw my ex on Tinder
send help please i've been feeling suicidal since then but holy fuck it hurts too much bros
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What happened to the fasting general? Did /fit/ finally realize it's was a meme?
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Jesus Christ i've literally found a fucking way to grow TALLER, at ANY AGE, even if you're growth plates have been closed.

No this shit does not involve expensive leg-lengthening surgery, or stupid retarded "stretching" exercises that do fuck all, or stupid pills that do jack shit to manlets that have already reached puberty years ago.

I literally came across this info from this Russian youtuber who discovered a way to grow taller after 2 years of research and trial and error.

He was 5'6 and with his method grew to be 6'0 within 2 YEARS at 25 years old, and yes his growth plates were already fused BEFORE he discovered his method because his doctor told him during his physical checkup when he was 19 or 20 years old i believe.

(part 1)
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Starch. The food you were born to eat.

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Sweet potatoes

Eat up.
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Should I be concerned if my niece keeps making passes at me, when her parents and my wife are not around?
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What do you guys do in the time between sets? Sometimes I read comics like this.
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