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Times you’ve gotten /mired/

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>Be me at work yesterday
>QT skinny waitress comes up behind me
>”Wow anon you’ve really glowed up after you put on muscle haha”
>Smile at her
>Walk away
>MFW she doesn’t say hi to me anymore
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>be girl
>dont eat too much
>already made it
It's not fucking fair bros, why do women have it so easy?
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Why don't Mexican men lift?

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Fasting turns men into literal faggots.

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A friend of mine has been lost to the whole (water only) fasting thing. He's very evangelical about - making all sorts of claims as to what it can do to the body. Well the guy in question weighs only a mere 69kg with a tiny 28 inch waist (he is also only 5 foot 9). Every time he gains a single kilogram (woooow) he does another water only fast for multiple days like some sort of fashion model or straight up faggot. During which time he can barely even function mentally and definitely cannot do any lifting (though he gave up on that a long time ago cause he is a literal weakling). The guy thinks he would be obese if we're to gain another 3kg. Another good man lost to a faggy fad which used to be the preserve of teenage girls and rampant homosexuals.

Rip friend.

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How do I trannymaxx? And I'm not joking.
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Why is everyone jacked nowadays?

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Back in 00s when I was like 8-10 years old, my dad would come home after work and take me to the local YMCA to lift weights. You had to pass a special class to get into the weight room if you were under 16 years old. I would just dick around and then go play basketball, but I remember the only people in the weight room at prime lifting hours were like 40-60 year old boomer types.

Nowadays I go to the local YMCA and it’s PACKED. Young women are now everywhere dressed like it’s a strip club, there’s dumbfuck zoomers walking around that are clearly on some dumb PED, the whole vibe of the gym has been ruined.

What changed? How can we go back?
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>went too heavy too fast while OHPing and I felt something in my upper spine and lower neck area
>i know my neck will be fucked up beyond belief for like 2 weeks after i wake up
not again man
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Pushup thread

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Start rolling, happy new year
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Trying to lose weight but nothing I eat fully satiates me
I've been trying lamb stew with sweet potato, onions, carrots, beans and tomatoes, but I'm hungry about 2 hours later.
I want to eat only once a day and eat the same thing, but what should I eat that will sate me?
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do metalheads get beefy necks from headbanging? post metal to get a beefy neck to
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