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Ready for the beach? Summer is here! Show us your glorious adonis belt
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Terrible doctor advice thread

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I had bulked up to near the overweight BMI threshold. I asked my doctor how much weight I could gain before it became a problem. He said so long as I was exercising it would never become a problem and I should just keep gaining weight forever. I've been getting knee pain when I run and he told me to go buy new shoes. This fucking goblin's medical advice is to get fat and buy shit.

I'm pretty sure he was trying to sabotage me-- he was one if those flabby, collapsing mestizos with the gay accent that you see talking about body representation on social media. I can't believe my insurance paid $400 for this.
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take the escort pill

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i'm 25 and took a long break from working out due to injury, now i'm back lifting + taking gear; fucking escorts on the side for the increased test boost i've traveled around lots and i know for 100 big ones give or take you can fuck most women for at least 10-15 minutes if you are efficient you will nut in under that time, i just got done with this super cute girl similar to pic for 15 mins and the timer went of at 14 :D please trust in this my gains have increases 10 fold!!
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ABS: Day 2: Edge of Abverse reactions

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@anon who asked me yesterday


weak shit

ABS done both ways

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every ab exercise makes my back hurt
i don't think there's any weaknesses

the ones i used to do, [bicycle, heel taps swiper] have stopped giving me trouble, takes insane reps tto feel anything

waht to do? how do i overload abs with weights when all i have are dumbbells and pl8s?

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Uncle anon, why are you posting emojis instead of exercising?
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>tfw mom found the protein condoms
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The Wall

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What is the wall, when does it hit, and how to avoid it?

Basically things are going pretty well with my current gf and its looking like it might last long term, and this has me worried about the wall. On this board and other places I've seen some crazy pics of girls hitting the wall, there they basically morph into their 40 year old self when they turn 23, and I even saw this shit in college - where the girls would start college looking 18 and finish looking 40. But then I've also seen women age well, my mom for example didnt start to look old until around 50 when she was actually old

My gf
>didnt fall for the cock carousel meme
>doesnt drink
>doesnt take drugs
>isnt fat
>eats a healthy diet
Is this enough to avoid the wall bros?
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arrived at london heathrow

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Hey it took me a while, but I'm finally here

where is everybody
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