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Innocent people are dying because two manlets couldn't settle their differences in a dwarf-tossing contest.
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I am so fucking miserable.
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How do men become more physically capable of surviving a mission to the red planet?
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how to Batmanmaxx?

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batman mastered every athletic function btw
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There are people on /fit/ RIGHT NOW who think they can defeat a professional female fighter just because they lift.
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This just came in the mail. Does /fit/ have any experience with soy protein or knowledge that isn't broscience?
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>There are no girls on Tinder that look like this...

Why even bother? Gyming is POINTLESS.
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what’s the point of lifting when i have wide hips? i’ll never look good enough
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what's the ideal body for attracting 10s?
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Whats your hobby besides lifting?
>for me, it’s drum and night chasing cardio bunnies
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