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What the fuck
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/whg/ - women hate general

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I told my niece her bench doesn’t count because she doesn’t bring the bar to her chest, she said I don’t count as a man because I can’t bring a woman to orgasm.

How do I stop her from bullying me like this /fit/?

semen retention

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reminder that we all have natty gear inside us. will you just throw it away? or will you keep it and become your best self?

thread for brahmacharis, NoFappers, and Napoleon Hill fans. no coomers allowed
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How do I get bigger butt?
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What are the dowsides if you dont drink enough and eat just meat and carbs? Waht are the long term effects?

i spend the weekend in the commune with my friend. He eats pretty normal but the two other guys just eat meat,carbs and candy and they spill it down with weed and ice tea.
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tell me why twinkmode isn't the most sustainable physique

>requires only bodyweight exercise
>low caloric surplus
>high functionality + stamina
>endless teen girls
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>anon I'm just as flexible as any thinnoid! #healthyateverysize! I can do the splits too! My body shape doesn't impede anything!

Why are they like this?
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How can I effectively incorporate routine training to keep my niece informed and help her defend against the growing influence of wokeness?