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Another day of being a /KHHV/

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Still going to the gym though. How are my incelbros doing?
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Why are Manlets so annoying and whiny?

Fucking queers
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>too much fat to bulk
>not enough muscle to cut
How do I escape this purgatory
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Wrist workouts?

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Need some wrist workouts for my bitch wrists. Been doing basic wrist curls and using grip strengtheners and wanna mix it up. help anons.
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Just fuck your girl and refuse to cum. Win win.

- increased gains from semen retention
- woman more satisfied bc you last forever
- increased gains from having more sex
- you can get hard again much sooner and repeat
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Do tomboys like /fit/ short (5'7) guys?
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>Marries and impregnates 6’7” wife
Did he make it?
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My niece masturbates openly on the couch and we have no issues with that as we are a very open household however when she was masturbating this morning this liquid sprayed from her vagina and soaked the couch and floor she became extremely embarrassed and began asking all these questions which I don't know how to handle. any /fit/ advice?
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/DG/ - DYEL General

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pantyboy at my gym
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