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does this fucking board even have mods or jannies?
people post here gay porn all fucking day and no one cares...

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Will the new years resolution normies leave the gym soon?
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Itt: exercises that make you feel like a total retard while doing them
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Success Stories

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>be me
>get /fit/
>take DMT
>see machine elf
>instantaneously mog it
>it becomes mad
>begin to fight it
>it has to be this way starts playing
>stand still and let it beat me for 30 secs
>uppercut it into the fucking ceiling
>it crawls up into the attic
>go into the attic
>its dark, hot, and the ceiling is 4 ft high
>be 5' 15"
>crawl on hands in knees
>hear noises and movements
>swap body around and start kicking the dark
>kick out support posts
>get hit from behind
>spin around and kick
>kicked through the ceiling
>can see now
>the elf bum rushes me
>stand up but slam head into ceiling
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this is why i lift
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this is why i lift

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>why do you have a 101 gigabit folder call "cunny" full of pictures and videos of little girls uncle anon?
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>You were banned for posting Off-Topic
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I just know that something good is gonna happen.
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