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This is the ideal female tummy. You may not like it but this is what peak tummy looks like
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>tfw hate being 5'6"
>tfw i have been rejected based solely on my height many times
>tfw i wont ever really get aesthetic
>even if i do, ill just seem like im compensating
>tfw height exercises aren't working
>tfw depressed
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How come Arab countries have become so fat? Is it because the hot climate makes working out uncomfortable, lack of cultural emphasis on it, or just because they eat too much?
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Is Jordynne Grace fit or fat?
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>Wowee uncle anon, your thighs are so big muscular, and your butt is so tight & round... can I feel them?
Wat do?

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At what point will self-improvement through weightlifting make zero different when trying to attract women?
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based or cringe?

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>lives a better life than you because of face
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Q and fitness

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Did q ever have any fitness-related drops? I'm sort of new to the awakening (not interested in politics). What's the real truth about bench press?
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Test Boost Thread

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Yellow Fever Edition
Lifts to get submissive & breedable asian gf? I'm thinking OHP
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