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>tfw mom found the protein condoms
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arrived at london heathrow

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Hey it took me a while, but I'm finally here

where is everybody
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Why do I stop breathing when I'm pushing myself hard during the last reps of a push-up
Like it's fisceeally hard to push air into my lungs, it's like gravity is working against

Is this what those people who faint during DLs and Squats?
What do I do? I have heard about the take air and let out technique in the beginning and top of an exercise but it doesn't work?

What to do? Keep doing until body learns?

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It's not that hard is it. Just let go and move on huh. You think I'd ever have believe it would be this easy before?
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>stop doing this machine
>knee pain disappears in two weeks
what did they mean by this?
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Help me /fit/

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23 year old 5'10 virgin here.

How can I become a Chad? Is it too late for me? If I gymmax how do you project that my options will improve?

Pic related is me, I am skinny af and look like a skeleton under those clothes btw.
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>did HRT because I fell for the meme (not really gay just depression)
>3 years straight injecting strogens
>balls and penis shrinked a little
>already 30 yo
>skinny and not muscular
>decide to stop HRT and got a gf
>sex is good but I have erections issues sometimes
>did testosterone level test because I thought I had a problem
>feeling like shit and depressed the day I went to test
>results 8.0 ng/mL
>mfw I got better testosterone levels than most of /fit/
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Besides pull ups, all of my lifting is done in a very low rep range. For OHP, bench press, and squats I never go above 3 reps. Once I can get a set of 3 without too much trouble, I move up the weight. Then I do heavy doubles or even singles until I am strong enough to get a set of 3, ad infinitum. But /fit/ tells me I need to be doing more volume. What gives? Is there something wrong with low rep range training? I’m going to stick with it until my linear progression slows.
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What fictional characters do you lift for? I lift for Aerie from Baldur's Gate 2.
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Is there any benefit to putting ice on the balls?
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