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What do you wear to the gym? What is good gym attire?
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/lrg/ Locker Room General - off topic discussion and bants loosely related to fitness

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Jailbird Edition

Welcome to /fit/'s Locker Room. Here the bros talk loosely and casually with the other regulars at the gym /fit/ - Fitness.

While we work hard and talk about optimizing programming and dieting and everything fitness related in the gym we also talk casually about things not specifically related to the gym but yet related to it. Or things you want to ask your fellow /fitizens/ about but never get the chance to because its not allowed in the gym.

Usual topics of conversations and bants include
>Tinder, asking about girls etc, showing off your latest tinder whales you slayed
>talking about that nice ass you spotted in the squat rack
>whatever tfw
>whatever rants and bants you feel like sharing
>Remember to not feed the trolls or take the bait.
>any and all welcome
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/plg/ - Powerlifting General

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>live large edition

>The official pastebin (includes books and videos on various things like recovery, stretching, programs, band usage, etc)

>Trips PRs Pastebin
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>your favorite lift
>your fetish(es)

Gentle femdom
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What is the most time-efficient late beginner 3 day program?

>bench lmao2pl8
>ohp 65kg
>squat 120kg
>deadlift 155kg

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>log on to instagram
Uncle bros.. not like this
This is unironically the real end of the world
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It's true

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>Muscle gain helps delay the Wall
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Wtf happened here? She's literally only 31.

How can I know if a woman im dating might hit the wall that hard so early? I don't take this much care of myself just to fucking end up with baba jaga after 6 years of relationship

Also best retinols for anti aging
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Who do you get /fit/ for?
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if u ever want to buy resistance band
dont buy from "fortex"
as u can see this band already snapped and as soon as i trry this it snapped again lol