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>64444444 Come when you are ready
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>losing sexual interest on wife
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>never talk to anyone at the gym
>today, doing my cardio routine
>fatty on the treadmill next to mine
>he's huffing and puffing from walking fast, but he's actually doing something
>give him a fistbump
>later in the locker room
>he enters the shower as I get out of the sauna, meaning he did a 1h+ workout
>mutter "good job" at him
>he smiles and says thanks

Remember to motivate the fatties putting in actual work at your gym.
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Clean it up jannie
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Did the FBI get uncle anon? He's been surprisingly missing
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November 1st, 2021
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/nsg/-Noshit General

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What is /noshit/?
>A community of people trying to improve their digestion
What are the benefits of /noshit/?
>Improved digestion health
>Better nutrient absorption
>Decreased food consumption
>Decreased toilet paper usage
>Higher testosterone levels
>Improved use of fiber
How do you survive this?
>It is impossible to survive never shitting, so we do shit, but only when absolutely necessary
How often should I shit to ensure safety?
>Recommended amount is once every week to once every two weeks. Over two weeks is dangerous, and under one week you won't feel the superpowers
Is this a joke?
>We understand that this sounds bizarre once you first hear about it, but noshit is scientifically proven to have real benefits. Daily shitting is a product of modern stresses and capitalism, our ancestors would go days to weeks without "releasing" as we call it. When you think about it, our biology is built for this, with several meters of intestines for long term storage
If it is unhealthy, why do most people shit daily?
>As stated before, this is a product of modern capitalism. Daily shitting has been pushed by toilet paper and food manufacturers trying to get your money
How do I hold it in?
>Practice. /noshit/, like any other skill, takes time to perfect. Some use their squat plug to prevent premature releasing, but others consider that cheating. It all depends on your own personal goals
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This is the ideal female tummy. You may not like it but this is what peak tummy looks like
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>tfw hate being 5'6"
>tfw i have been rejected based solely on my height many times
>tfw i wont ever really get aesthetic
>even if i do, ill just seem like im compensating
>tfw height exercises aren't working
>tfw depressed
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