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what’s the point of lifting when i have wide hips? i’ll never look good enough
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what's the ideal body for attracting 10s?
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Whats your hobby besides lifting?
>for me, it’s drum and night chasing cardio bunnies
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How feasible is this phyqisue if you are 5'11? How high lifts do you need to reach? I just wanna be ottermode desu so i can be attractive to women
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You hit the GYM HARD, while Chad eats pizza

Girls look at your gymcel body and think "ewww what a try hard" while they look at the chad and think "i love him, he just does what he wants, not even concerned about the whole bodybuilding thing".

Women are getting more and more choice and validation and its either CHAD or NOTHING

Why haven't you gymcels learnt yet?

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Is the stairmaster the chad of cardio equipment?
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>tfw gf is pregnant
Lifts for end of normal life?
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My niece suffers from vaginal discharge, which has, for the past three months, been constant.
It is dark yellow in colour but has little or no odour. The discharge itself is sometimes quite copious and reacts with the skin around her vulva causing redness and sometimes ulcerations. Any /fit/ advice?
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Angry after getting /fit/

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Bro why the FUCK are normies so pants-on-head retarded? The more that I work out, the more I have come to despise the general public. Despite being clinically obese, they:
>don't understand the value of exercise
>hate you for not being fatties like them
>don't understand what a macro is
>don't know the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats (they think I'm talking about trans fats which are banned in commercial foods)
>have no concept of different carb types or what insulin does
>think sugar is a poison
>think pizza, cake, and donuts are "high carb" rather than "high fat"
>don't eat any fruits or vegetables
>don't bother to track calories or read labels
>think you can be healthy at any size
>don't understand the causes of heart disease
>are sedentary 95% of the day
>eat zero fiber
>are chronically dehydrated and think that's normal
>think "cheat meals" are a normal everyday occurance
I'm seriously considering leaving humanity behind. What is even the point of trying to teach these lard buckets how to eat?


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I will keep using this coombait until you RETARDS start doing your stupid push-ups. Double whatever number you get or you're a massive pussy.
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