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Should gymbros leave the west and take our gains somewhere they'll be more appreciated?

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Whats the secret for big booba? Becoming fat then lose weight?
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What's the best glass/stainless steeler shaker bottle?

Want to upgrade from my normal blenderbottle since you fags have turned me into a schizo about microplastics
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How often do you guys eat steaks?
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I'm getting leaner but I'm not losing weight. What gives?
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Nofap tards are mentally ill

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>be me, never watch porn but jerk off about once per week
>retards on /fit/: "if you coom once ever you are literally terminally ngmi you fucking addict prick nigger stop being a coomer and do nofap you subhuman degenerate worthless excuse of a man"
>do nofap for 30 days
>absolutely no benefits, constantly horny, can't focus on anything, frequent testicular pain and regular wet dreams - terrible quality sleep which equals less gains
>report back to /fit/ and share my experience
>the response: "hurr durr faggot coomer stop spreading lies you porn addicted jew kike shlomo shekelberg rabbi JIDF shill"
If nofap worked for you that's great. But why are you faggots like this?
>b-but the point of it is-
Not what I was told, STFU
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Still a virgin at 37

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2022 was not good for me, hope for more in 2023.

I hope we all make it in 2023!
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LMAO look at this manlet getting bullied
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What kind of bodies do qt brown mutts like?
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