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>your favorite lift
>your fetish(es)

Gentle femdom
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What is the most time-efficient late beginner 3 day program?

>bench lmao2pl8
>ohp 65kg
>squat 120kg
>deadlift 155kg

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>log on to instagram
Uncle bros.. not like this
This is unironically the real end of the world
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It's true

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>Muscle gain helps delay the Wall
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Wtf happened here? She's literally only 31.

How can I know if a woman im dating might hit the wall that hard so early? I don't take this much care of myself just to fucking end up with baba jaga after 6 years of relationship

Also best retinols for anti aging
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Who do you get /fit/ for?
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if u ever want to buy resistance band
dont buy from "fortex"
as u can see this band already snapped and as soon as i trry this it snapped again lol

Military style lifestyle

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What does /fit/ think of purposely mimicking military basic training style behaviour for the purpose of giving order and discipline to ones life?

I haven't been in the military and don't really care to, but the methods of raising soldiers in basic training looks interesting.
Doing things like, polishing boots to perfection, ironing clothes with extremely sharp creases, making your bed perfectly with no creases everday, maintaining the appearance of your clothes to an extreme degree where even a single stray thread must be taken care of, etc.
Are all done BECAUSE they are tedious and repetitive.
The front of your boots are going to get kicked about everyday crawling through mood, and will require hours of cleaning and polishing to maintain.

By doing these rituals, soldiers develop a strong sense of discipline and self respect for their appearance and performance.

How can this approach be translated to civilian life for the purpose of self improvement?
I can see ritualistically making my bed and vacuuming my floor everyday as possibilities
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does liking big asses correlate with high test?

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ever since getting /fit/ I've been having some urges
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Is this realistic?

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Can you achieve this physique just from using a lawnmower all day?
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