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To straight male /fit/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a trap for 30 minutes and then she cums into your mouth, would you do it?
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Pre-workout bros, it's over.
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Anyone here addicted to cycling?

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>Try to do a cheeky 20km/30 minute cycle session an hour before gym

>Keep overdoing because it's legitimately enjoyable instead of bursting a blood vessel doing supersets in a congested smelly gym full of pajeets and gymrats

>rack up 50km in 2 hrs. Feel good, body full of serotonin from the cardio high.

>Can't go gym now because fatigue, oh well its only leg day.

Anyone who cycles stuck in this loop? I've literally only gone gym 3-4 times a week for the last few weeks because I keep overdoing it on the bike. I love it man. If I wasn't a vain dude, I'd truly pick up cycling as a full time hobby and ditch bb.
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/fit/ humor / humour

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It's time
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>be me, fat late 20s femanon :c
>been chubby/overweight since I was around 9-10 years old
>has always been made fun of by strangers, family & peers about my weight and size
>I've always been insecure about it and would just avoid talking about it to anyone or even do anything about it.. maybe because I just gave up on myself? ??? ugh
>food has always given me comfort and happiness and seem to always binge eat...
>last few years have been worse for me weight wise, it affects me in all aspects really...
>never really been consistent with working out or eating well... (I have always had a weird thing about food textures/tastes)
>been told I have PCOS so it's been a bit harder to lose weight by just cutting calories and exercising
>still very ashamed and insecure about my size and have never reached out to anyone about this, but I really want to be healthier
>I know I should have like a dietician and/or personal trainer but I just haven't been able to get myself to do so... so I'm on here and I feel pathetic and dum and idk

I've just been struggling and I know I need to make a change I just don't know how or where to start... I'm usually just a lurker and I avoid this board but... ADGJKFND
This is probably just me screaming into the void but I know I need help... sadjfadgbdfhgbasjdhfagkajdfadfgbsdghaisuhawer7iftgasyifgbadjfvgbsdgfvkb aaaaaaaaaa
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This girl I have been intimate with is complaining about back pain and is convinced she needs a breast reduction. She's claiming working out your back won't help in the long run. Is this true?
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Just dropping by to let you all know the board is under attack and will likely devolve into /r9k/ soon.

Every other thread is:

>nigger baiting

That's it, literally.

80% of all OP pictures are either niggers or instawhores. 80% of all threads are either racebaiting astroturfing or softcore porn astroturfing.

It's pervasive.
This is exactly how other boards were inflitrated and destroyed. That's how /b/ was destroyed in 2012. That's how the 1st iteration of /r9k/ was destroyed and how the 2nd iteration was destroyed. That's how /pol/ because insufferable to browse. That's how /tv/ was destroyed. That's how /gif/ was destroyed.

/lit/, /sci/ and even /k/ are in the process of being destroyed as well, by marxist sockpuppets and leftypol migrants.

/fit/ is being destroyed by the very same think-tanks, subreddits, and discord groups that plague /r9k/ and /pol/.
It's primarily asians and other minorities, including afro-centric niggers and indians.

Internalize what's happening and try to combat it before it's too late.
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Can you lift a girl for a long period of time?
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>female coworker makes a joke at my expense about something I can't control (being bald)
>I make a joke back about something she can control (being fat)
>she goes home early and everybody is mad at me
How was I the bad guy here?
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>begin nofap
>Day 3: become interested in buying a body pillow
>I don't even watch anime
What am I becoming?
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