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>search catalog
>no fph
>shaking my head
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Just be yourself

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Just be yourself
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Bro-science bust me rn, Explain how

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Is eating gold a meme?

I remember I couldn't walk and all the medical doctors couldn't cure me

Then I went to some homeopath doctor and he gave me gold pills and that shit cured my legs like instantly
I eventually stopped taking them but I still wonder how tf it helped me

I remember hearing about some wrestlers who also used to eat this, but dunno if it was an old wives tale
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New cbt

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Fuck the old one
Fatties, frauds and faggots edition
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Cheat meal

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What’s the cheat meal today /fit/?

Made myself fried wantons and Thai noodles with the leftover wanton meat. Satisfying breakfast. Drank a mini Pepsi with it.
>inb4 EWWWW why aren’t you eating breakfast food for breakfast??!!11
I eat what I want when I want it
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How do I quit porn?
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Don't listen to the retard on here who recomends Tadalafil as preworkout for "insane pumps". I'm hiding in the gym bathroom rn cause my hard on won't go away. It's been 15minutes fuck this shit
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Is pic related true?

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What the fuck is up with niggers here saying that sunlight will turn me into a leather glove. I work several hours a day in direct sunlight without using any sunscreen and have been doing so 5 summers in a row now. My skin goes from pale computer nerd to glorious bronze and my face looks noticeably better. People stil refer to me as 'boy' even though niggers here claim that I was supposed to look like a roasted ghoul by now. Is this some kind of nordcuck joke that I'm too MEDBVLL to understand?
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