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Bodyweight only exercises with progression


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Inspiration, motivation, goals and training programs. Anything that gets you pumped to get that 16 kilo kettlebell swinging
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It is Tuesday

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Contemplate tomboys upon the Tree of Woe
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The LMS pill - Looks, Money, Status

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Life in the west today is a joke for 80% of men. With the welfare state the women are no longer dependent on a male to support him... the result is a monkey-like society. Women, hypergamous in nature (due to their higher sexual value then men), will all flock to the top 20% of men, while the rest of men are screwed over. Not completely of course, you still get to "enjoy" the wrinkly 30+ aged women and single moms who will look for someone to settle down with once they have been through a cock-carousel in their prime. Their sexual value has decreased drastically and they are now forced to settle down with the lesser men if they ever don't want to remain single for the rest of their lives.

Im not here to be pessimistic, quite the opposite. Now that you are enlightened you are in advantage. Unless you are amongst those 20% of men, there are things that can be done to improve your situation.

Looksmax - You need to take action toward reaching the full potential of your looks. Surgery, working out, losing weight, roiding, etc. Getting a haircut and dressing better is not going to cut it even though reddit tells you so. Research more looksmaxing methods on, probably the best place on the internet for discussion of looks and looksmaxing methods.

Money and status are obviously harder to achieve. Money will attract you golddiggers, status will give you a "halo-effect" to compensate for your looks.

Personality does not matter either, even though reddit tells you so as well. You need to have a dominant behavior and treat women like they are below you. If you are lacking in the looks department this is pointless however.
PUA does not work, it is a scam directed towards basement dwellers. Unless you want to go out and approach hundreds of women for a slim chance of a single lay, at that point you might as well go buy a hooker.
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how do k make my voice deeper. people on the phone calll me maam and people irl say my voice doesnt match my body i sound like a toddler is it over its over
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Dips or bench press for chest?

Video unrelated
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Janny Tears Thread

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I'll post whatever I want whenever I want. And you can just seethe and cry. Be glad I'm not dumping cheese pizza because you couldn't stop me if I wanted to.
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The Wall

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What is the wall, when does it hit, and how to avoid it?

Basically things are going pretty well with my current gf and its looking like it might last long term, and this has me worried about the wall. On this board and other places I've seen some crazy pics of girls hitting the wall, there they basically morph into their 40 year old self when they turn 23, and I even saw this shit in college - where the girls would start college looking 18 and finish looking 40. But then I've also seen women age well, my mom for example didnt start to look old until around 50 when she was actually old

My gf
>didnt fall for the cock carousel meme
>doesnt drink
>doesnt take drugs
>isnt fat
>eats a healthy diet
Is this enough to avoid the wall bros?
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excessive sweating

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How do you deal with excessive sweating? I am soaked even during semi-light training and especially when having sex. Its affecting my self-esteem to an extent, even though I know it shouldn't. Do I have to remove all my sweat glands to mitigate this?
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Scientists have discovered the reason white women love BBC so much is because they have melanin receptors on the inside of their pussy that lights up with immense pleasure when coming into contact with BBC.

"In English doc!" Basically white boys cant compete.

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