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What have you been writing with lately?

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for me, it's sakura micron, I'm getting a mechanical pencil soon, probably kuru toga
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/wxp/ - Friendly Windows XP/2003 Leak Thread

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What programming lang do they use?
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Diversity hires

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>be me, 24 yo NEET sperg
>therapist puts me in contact with an NGO for disabled people
>they give you a free five-week intensive course on cyber security
>they find you a job with one of their partners
>they give you an "orientator" that will hold your hand for NINE MONTHS so that you get used to the job without getting stressed
>completely remotely, both the course and the job. I can work on my underwear
>1500 euro salary

lmaoing at you tech wagies. Just become trannies or something.
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How many years will it take me to become a rich programming guy?
I'm a 25 y.o neet and i know nothing about programming
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Safari = Satan

Ever notice the resemblance, /g/?

mods are pedophiles complicit in child pornography

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I get it now
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Stop using Linux.
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what technology should i use to stop being a pedophile?
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