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Another General Clapped, but who's counting?

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Vladimir Zavadsky

>navy brass
>on a landmine
>probably his own

lol. lmao, even
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>design a rifle that’s so shitty the Germans have to fix it
Do they really?
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New M60

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Turk M60 modernization is greenlit

>New turret with autoloaded 105mm gun and 30mm commanders autocannon
>Airburst and ATGM capability
>Active protection system and explosive reactive armor
>Bleeding edge optics, thermals, AI assisted targeting, hunter killer function
>1,250hp engine with 55t weight, meaning 23hp/t making it one of the fastest tanks
>Under $4,000,000 for the package, while a basic M60 donor vehicle can be had for about $350,000
>Package can also be fitted to the T72 and Leopard 1
>12,900 M60s are currently in circulation

The NATO T90MS has arrived
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/arg/ - armalite rifle general

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shitrod edition
old >>60206893
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What would happen if you carpet bomb Dresden with these.
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What makes the taurus more likely to escalate things than ATACMS?
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Why does /pol/ believe that millions of Ukrainian soldiers have dead in the war against Russia? Where do they get their facts and sources for statements like saying that Russia has killed over 50% of the Ukrainian male population?
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could you defend yourself against a child with a knife, without any weaponry?
shorts and a tshirt, nothing in your pockets, i'd tenatively say no shoes but realistically you probably would have shoes on.

i'm pretty confident i could fuck up pic related. maybe i'd get slashed in the legs or something but i'm pretty confident i could keep distance and maybe kick them in the head or something and survive the encounter.

but, if like, a 13 or 14 year old with evil intent attacked me with a kitchen knife, i'm not sure if i'd confidently survive it. it only takes one fuckup to get stuck somewhere critical.
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chinks vs italy whose military record is worse
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/arg/ - assault rifle general

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Razorsisters? Why did we loose to PA?
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