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The majority of Americans and Australians on /k/ despises and distrusts Singapore, but yet have done nothing to prevent the sale of F-35s. What is the excuse for your lack of action?
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Another Russian armor column lost

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How does this help them win the war?
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About to test out this gas mask
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I need field manuals or books.

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I need field manuals or books about booby traps, psychological warfare, guerrilla tactics, anything like that. The branch does not matter nor author, as long as the contents of the book/ manual are true and accurate.

I want to go back to my home country of Mexico and wreak havoc on the cartels and anyone associated with them.
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Tacvantage of lowering miltary standards?
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>Literal army of sexy women in uniform, tight skirt and high boots
Wtf I love China now?
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China has a massive chink in their new aircraft carrier. 5 bucks that it's going to collapse like their tofu dreg buildings by this time next year
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Iran to convert two oil tankers into warships

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He's done it, swordsisters! The Shadman has defeated the tyranny of the pointy stick and proven the superiority of the blade.

How come nobody is talking about this? Is /k/ really just a bunch of LARPing spear faggots?
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