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>Wagner out of the picture
>Kadyrov proven himself to be completely useless
>If Shoigus loyalty falters, Putin will have nobody to back him

I think its safe to assume that a new faction will be created soon in Russia to balance things out.
What sort of organization do you think it will be?

A new large PMC? Right/left wing paramilitary? Regional militia like in current Chechnya? What kind of equipment and organization would they have?
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How viable would bolters be in real life?
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So now the dust has finally settled and the M1 Abraham Lincoln has been proven to be the best tank.
I find it amazing that War Thunder accurately predicted years ago that every other tank on the planet dies to a gentle breeze, but the Abrams is basically indestructible.
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Could a sword pierce or cut through ballistic plates?

My buddy is forging me a sword like pic related and I wanted to know, could a plate carrier help stop or lessen the impact of a strike? I would just get a gambeson or chainmail but you can't get quality versions of either without trekking through the Pyrenees mountains or something and finding some ancient blacksmith, and you can't even cashapp those guys either.
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Cad models / blueprints / reverse engineering

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post models
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Is this thing ever gonna be replaced?
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POW wife.

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I all was have this fantasy of capturing and keeping a female soldier and having her as my wife. Does any one else think like this or am I the only one?
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>Gun control
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>is the best WW2 era tank in your path
good armour, good mobility, good track width, extremely good AT gun, good optics and ergonomics.
only issue is not enough fuel stowed in this thing but that's a workable issue.
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