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She ruined Adventure Time

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She was the beginning of the end.
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3DCG animated films will be ending soon, hand drawn frame by frame kino animation that is 100% done in the States will be coming back sooner then later.

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The R-Rated BLACK WIDOW Movie That Almost Happened

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>In 2006, David Hayter ("X2") was set to write and direct an R-rated BLACK WIDOW film for Lionsgate Pictures, but the project was scrapped after a series of high-concept female-led action movies flopped at the box office and discouraged the studio.

>Hayter's script featured Natasha Romanoff, the adoptive daughter of KGB operative Ivan Petrovich, being conscripted to the Red Room by Ivan's superior Sergei Konslov during the Cold War, and genetically enhanced to become a supersoldier.

>Blaming Ivan for her predicament, Natasha abandons him and develops a relationship with another Red Room operative, Konslov's protege Alexei Shostakov. Once the Cold War ends, the Red Room is decommissioned, and Konslov orders Alexei to kills the other operatives, including Ivan and Natasha, but Natasha manages to escape to the United States.

>10 years later, Natasha is located by Alexei and his men, and her friend Freddy reveals himself to be an undercover CIA operative assigned to monitor her activities. Freddy reveals that Konslov is alive and has placed a bounty on her head. Aided by seasoned agent Anton Sweetwater, Natasha travels to Kazakhstan to kill Konslov, who has become a warlord by selling stolen soviet nuclear weapons. However, she is betrayed by Sweetwater, who is killed in the process, and captured by Alexei and Konslov, who plan to reverse-engineer her DNA to create new Black Widows for Freddy, who lied to Natasha in order to lure her into a trap. Ivan, who survived Alexei's attack, returns and sacrifices himself to rescue her, and she forgives him for not protecting her from the Red Room.

>Natasha then rescues Konslov's test subjects, and kills Alexei and Konslov, but spares Freddy after he agrees to provide for the women captured by Konslov new lives in America. Freddy later approaches Natasha about becoming a contract operative for the CIA under his command and Natasha accepts, adopting the identity of Black Widow.

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ITT Shameful /co/-related faps
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The new designs are fine, you people are just toxic.

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Honestly, I don't get why you people hate it.
You anime watchers and crusty oldfags need to detach yourselves from this already, god it is so fucking pathetic.
Its a cartoon for kids, you got that? good? Ok.
If you want realistic Thundercats go watch the other two Thundercats that this board only pretends to care about now.
The new designs works, wherever you like it or not doesn't matter. Kids like it, enough said.
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>Kevin Smith Made Netflix’s ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ Specifically to Please ‘He-Man’ Fans. Some Got Mad Anyway.


Holy fuck. So many insane quotes in this interview
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Will her constant consumption of Bloaty's Pizza come back to bite her in the butt?

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I mean have you seen the mascot? Shit ain't healthy
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What did Kevin and Rolf mean by this?
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Grey Deleslie

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Anyone guess what cartoon characters she voiced?
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