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Saturday Mourning Cartoons

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AVGN made a video about Saturday Mourning Cartoons.

Which made me curious.

What were YOUR favorite Saturday Mourning Cartoons? (If you have one)

Why do you think Saturday Cartoons went away?
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cringe thread

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Why ren and stimpy was so fucking weird ngl
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Explain to me how this is considered the standard for storyboards when it's basically fucking keyframes.
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Why did Courage the Cowardly Dog fail while Billy & Mandy was a huge hit? Both of them were dark comedies.
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How does Steven Universe fare in the last cartoon you saw?
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Was Jimmy Jew Shoes good as you remembered it?
we can turn this into a waifu thread if you want idc
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So, that's it? I'm just going to die as the only person that has ever known about the deepest lore in Kevin Spencer?
I'm so sick and tired of this fanbase only consisting of autistic twitter users who think they are special for watching something obscure once in their life, no one cares about the actual content of the show, no one
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Unpopular Opinions

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How about an unpopular /co/ opinion thread? I'll start it off with three of my own.
1. The Harley Quinn Animated Series show is good.
2. The She-Hulk show is decent, Jennifer is funny.
3. There is nothing inherently wrong with LGBT characters in comics and cartoons.
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Why did Spongebob fail while Fox News became a huge hit?
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