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Is there a way to make a laser spear practical and tactical for war?
Wakanda's sonic spears lacks viewfinder
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>almost time for new Birdgirl
>no thread is up
Come on guys, it’s paydaaaaayyyy
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Still remember me /co/ ?
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>An aged speedster. A bioengineered soldier. A young archer. A dark wizard. These four became the new Justice League in a world of shadow politics and the absence of heroism, where Batman hung up his cape and Superman departed for galaxies unknown, in the non-produced CBS television pilot UNLIMITED POWERS, developed by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo in 1988.

>Inspired by the subversive deconstructions of the 80s-90s such as "The Dark Knight Returns" and "Watchmen", the plot features Barry Allen, the Flash, escaping from a 15-year-long prison sentence in suspended animation and returning to Central City, now an oppressive police state run by Governor Malcolm Kendrick. From his nephew Wally West, Barry learns that the world has been taken over by a totalitarian regime and that all superheroes who stood against them have been eliminated.

>Barry and Wally soon assemble a team to challenge authority, consisted of Green Arrow II, the teenage daughter of one of Barry's closest allies; Blok, a genetically engineered supersoldier with enhanced strength and durability; and Doctor Occult, a mysterious mage pursuing his own agenda. Barry must turn these disparaged outsiders into a true unit to face against the shadowy figures that rule the world, and he must do it fast, because his age is catching up with him now that his body has outrun his mind, and he will soon no longer be able to run at all.

>The pitch was well-received by CBS executives, but ultimately rejected for being too sprawling, too ambitious - and too expensive. But it sparked the network's interest in the Flash, and they asked Bilson & De Meo to develop a more conventional pilot for a solo series about the Scarlet Speedster, leading to short-lived, but fondly remembered 1990 television series starring John Wesley Shipp as the Fastest Man Alive.


Post Non-American Cartoon Network Shows

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Hard Mode: No Villainous

I'll start
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Say what you want about Tara Strong but I would drop every last bit of cum in her
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The Wakandans are fucking stupid
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Were you a fan?

Do you ever go back and reread it? Does it hold up?

Will we ever see something on this level again?
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This any good?

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I enjoyed Homestuck but I'mskeptical anyone but hussie could do a decent job with its world and characters (not to say he was anywhere near perfect himself) largely due to just how much shit happened and the themes at play.
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I told you deed
I told you about my labroratory
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