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Delete /fgoalter/

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Add flags on /qa/.
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Anime Thread

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Is that an Italian on my ridge?
He must think there's pizza in my fridge.
You're like Obi Wan, dead and forced
The only people who like you are obsessed with horse!
You know I ain't a killer just don't push me
and don't you sit around and say it smells like cheese
I know how to fuck, marry and kill with my fingers
Better stop sniffing feet if you want to please her!
It smell like cheese, no like a fart
You better learn that leebaiting is art
Marge I'm confused, about these fruitjaks
They seem to be aping Lee's panic attacks
Don't mind me, I'm just passing through
and also being a better meme than you!
Eating you up like you're spam
Soon you'll be wordfiltered just like fa m!
I'm the original, you're a copy
Now please excuse me while I get sloppy toppy!
Don't forget, Turtelli I'm top slut
All of /qa/ wants to fuck my butt
The only reason to post you is a reaction
A predictable shitpost slowly going out of fashion
Onions dueling goes back hundreds of years
Before the birth of any leebaiting queers
Kiwifarms is over there, farty
You're not invited to my soijak party!
Tay K Tay K, Pinejak
Just remember only /qa/ has your back
CC the way every board bans you
labels you as "spam", boohoo!
Anywhere I am, I summon Barneyfag
Soi outside of /qa/ is just a drag
Hell, even in /qa/, you are shit
Go back to [s4s], how about it?
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Is this still accurate?

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=== Present (As of 2015) ===

N.b. On January 21, 2015, moot mentioned that there are a grand total of 104 4chan staff members.

Mr. VacBob (aka MVB, Alexander Strange) - Main coder, writer of 4chan extensions, maintains the 4chan servers and world4ch. Been around since 2004, taking over the maintenance of the text boards after Shii was fired. From certain points of view, the real face behind all 4chan changes. After moot resigned, he became the prime mover of 4chan proper.

RapeApe – and Janitor manager. Has a tendency to delete threads he disagrees with and on many occasions did things expressly against moot wishes. Allegedly one of the new heads of 4chan, as moot claimed a moderator managed was going be one of the successors

Desuwa - Maxime Youdine - Coder, "JavaScript Wizard", creator of Yotsuba Catalog, and a helping hand in the HTML5 reworks. He also added most features of the extensions into the main page and coded the 4chan API, and recently created an inline 4chan catalog.

ALTERNATIVE (AKA DAVE and buttly) – Senior Moderator, he was the one who suggested the creation of /tg/, IRC Rat.

Man of Wax - Coder? He was around since 4chan's revival, In charge of donations during that period.

Invisibro – Moderator. Has a tendency to ban people on /a/ for "inane" posts. /s4s/'s patron mod, colloquially known there as the Purple Palm Tree.

I_AM_ABIB (aka BLOODMOUTH_CARNIST) - Previously a Janitor, promoted to mod during '09. Posts on /a/ from time to time. IRC rat.

Pixel Hotness (AKA pixel) – Mod. Originally a tripfag from /b/.

Kate - Maintains the 4chan servers.

Aerolite – Mod. IRC Rat.

Zephro – Extremely old guard mod. Been there since 2005.

BEAM – Woman mod, with a child.

= Generic Mods (No quality worth mentioning): =
kdel – HotShot – WalterWhite – VCR - Troid – Menchii – Tripon - ChibaK – Laserdisc - ColouredJaunte - Kami - AnimeDad (aka Spitch) - Katsurugi - HD-DVD – Yournamehere - e7711 - errorname457
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Everytime mods purge /qa/ we just get more volatile and chaotic. It won't stop until they delete the board entirely. Hehe

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Delete and arrest /lgbt/
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If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me - and the card attached would say:

"Thank you for being a /qa/ friend".
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You ban 16 friends, what do you get?
Another dead board but hegemony kept.
St. Asuka don't you call me, you know the story
the /qa/ communinity went to kissu dot moe

and gets aren't important
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