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You ban 16 friends, what do you get?
Another dead board but hegemony kept.
St. Asuka don't you call me, you know the story
the /qa/ communinity went to kissu dot moe

and gets aren't important
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Just how stupid was I to think that you guys were my friends?
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half sperm
half girl
all /qa/
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yejibros our little shart is all grown up
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A link to the soijak schizo discord server just got posted on /tv/.
>'raid' channel
>think this is going to be the juicy secrets
>last post is from fucking august
Honestly this is just genuinely sad. This guy is just sad.
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Delete /pol/.
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Lee's constant death threats to honest, hard-working, salt of the earth shitposters are illegal under Canadian law. How do we get him v&?
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Delete /qa/
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>The soijak hash collection is currently sitting at 86% of the treshold needed for the colony drop.

>mfw the soi purge is coming 2022