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redditors are using 'obson now though
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ꜱoy filter was removed

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It's done
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meta thread

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now that /qa/ is dead we have can have a meta thread on /a/ without it getting moved elsewhere.
talk about how much you hate /a/ today.
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>60 bucks for this
>people on the internet actually excited for this shit cause' muh nostalgia
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soyfag.tranny hate thread

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I hate you niggers in a way I couldn't express with words. Especially the Moroccan tranny and Clyde, I used to hate Marko and fantasize about raping him while beheading him but now I don't give af about him.
Lo dicho, que os den por el putisimo culo hijos de la gran puta
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>there is literally nothing wrong with black people or forced mass migration of third world shitskins into Europe

do /qa/tards really believe this? because every time you cry about the /pol/ boogeyman that's the view they are mocking.

desu 95% of this site agrees with them
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>over 9000
>this is sparta
>when i'm bored
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white girls when they listen to music made by black guys ---

Anyway I just had this heckin idea-orino :>

watch heckin movie-ino kinoinos on friday-monday :>

Im thinking about watching hardcore henry first !!!! :3c
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No meme arrow therefore I look like this
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