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I'm sorry but this is a terrible video game.
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>first game is a classic
>sequel goes open world
>same gameplay but half your time is spent commuting between missions
>widely seen as an equal or better than the first
Why aren't people more critical of shitty open worlds?
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>Download rom
>Play it


What's so hard about that?
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is this game worth getting into even if the combat is wonky and there's no voice acting or waypoints?
I feel like I'm gonna have to take notes down like I did with the Myst series but since there's so much to do so much to see I will get too confused with this open world game
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Why is the GameCube so often referred to as a commercial failure?
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And then you learned 80% of the game world is useless and you just have to kill 450 mammoths to win. Weak.
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What is /vr/'s opinion on randomizers?
I like the idea of playing the same game in a different order, having a dungeon with a different boss, having to hunt for other progress items, or having to trek through another game in order to get an item to progress further into a game.
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Thoughts on these two gems?

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Hyperspin looks so damn good but is such a piece of shit to get set up. I just want to download and play.

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Daytona may have the better music and graphics, but this has the best gameplay by far

Still so addicting
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