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Are there any retro games about being a long cat?

Is this the best site to download DOS-ROMs?

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Games you cannot find the Soundtracks for
I'll start
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Is this retro? Clearly came out before 1999
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What could have saved the Dreamcast?

Would the Dreamcast have a better chance of surviving if it had DVD playback? Of course the MIL-CD exploit/Utopia hurt it with piracy, but I feel like that affects every console at some point, and it especially didn't hurt the PS1 much sales-wise.
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So I just read that apparently Mark from Persona 1 was redesigned for the US release. Was there any particular reason for this, I mean, was it a sociopolitical comment or marketing or what? Are his base stats or stat growths any different as a result? I figure someone on here has to know.
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Let's remember this system.

How long you stayed on it?
What games did you play on it?
Did you learned anything from it?
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So which one

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Gameboy, chocolate cake, or her.
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Metal Max Thread

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What is your favorite game in the series?
>Metal Max 3 got fucking translated
I'm not kidding
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Previous thread: >>6387416
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