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wow the steam version plays like shit

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Xbox Live for the original Xbox is back online after all these years
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It just was a different time. A better time.
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What is the single best looking 6th gen game? Provide proof of your answer
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Why doesn't this game get the same praise as the first two?
>throw oil at top of stairs
>get guard to chase you
>jump over oil and throw fire at bottom of stairs
>guard slips down stairs, lands in fire and dies
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Are these books any good?
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Why can't people handle flashing lights anymore? Everything was perfectly fine until that fucking Porygon episode. Strobing didn't immediately go away, but now it's %currentyear and every game re-release has to have shit toned down because every pussy millennial and zoomie thinks they have epilepsy.
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Why when Tetra was unveiled to be Zelda did her skin color change and make-up magically appeared on her?
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Why is it that Mega Man could get away with exploring much darker themes, plotlines, and characters in later entries, whereas Sonic the Hedgehog was roundly mocked for doing the same thing?
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Games that are way better than they have any right to be
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