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How did the "T-the ps2 was only successful because it was a cheap dvd player!!!" meme start? Was it angry cubies trying to downplay the PS2's success?
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Alright I see /vr/os making lots of threads whining about how bad emulation for this or that console is, but seems like they usually have no idea what they're talking about. What is considered "bad" here? Is this just turbo autists raging over shitty idiosyncrasies of the limited console hardware carrying over? Or are there serious glitches, missing features, etc.? How well can I emulate games for the following systems on a really good PC?
>PS1, 2, 3
>Xbox and 360
>N64 and Gamecube
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>you can't play the game like that, it's inauthentic!!
Why are so many retro gaming fans like this? Do they actually enjoy the GAMES themselves and want to play them the best way possible, or is it just coomlectors and nostalgic boomers who don't actually care about the games, but instead only want to recreate the exact experience they had playing the game as a kid?

Even completely uncontroversial things like removing slowdown, removing sprite flicker, enabling autofire, using a different input device, or even just emulation in general makes people freak out that muh authenticity and how that's not the "real" way to play the game. And God forbid you use save states or anything like that and people will lose their mind.
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The Capcom 5(4)

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What the hell was Capcom thinking when they did this? I was very excited for it since I had a Gamecube at the time, but it really was a terrible business decision with how much the the PS2 dominated the 6th gen from the start. They pretty much backed out of right after they announced it.
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HAL tries their hand at a shmup.
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>See a old magazine article from 1999 where journalists were listing the top 10 RPGs of all time
>Every one of them had Phantasy Star II on their list
Why was this game soo acclaimed at the time?
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What's the best retro Hawaiian videogame?

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>smack them
>titties shake
I miss the days when having fun wasn't so sterilized so a small handful of professional complainers don't have to get offended. So what other retro games have these kinds of treats?
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>no game is perf-
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Do you love me?

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Well? Do you?
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