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The Sega Genesis now uses both of it's VRam banks and it's external CRam bank since launch; What changes?
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Why was there no NES/Famicom port?

I need help remembering a character, /vr/

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In the back of my deepest memories I remember seeing an image of this 90s anime biker chick from a PS1 game who's pants were a jean trouser leg on one end and a bare short shorts on the other. She was cute as fuck, but I have no idea what her name was or what game she's from. Do you have any images of her?
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>mfw trying to argue the Saturn was more powerful than the Playstation

What is the best Tiger Handheld game?

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Post the first game you ever played and be judged for it
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ITT: Retro Games in Movies or TV Shows

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The Beach (2000)
Game Boy
Rampage World Tour
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What are some good /vr/ games made in the USA?
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This is Half-Life 1 Definitive Edition.
It has extended maps, a new Hazard Course, even better HD models than the ones from Blue Shift, with facial expressions and new Health and HEV charge stations.
Not to mention the third expansion (yes, VALVe DOES know how to count to 3) with Decay, which extends HL's lore even further.
And you can even play with USB mouse and keyboard if you dislike playing with the controller.
Black Mesa may be a marvel, but this one is the closer you can get to perfection from a first-party game.
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Emulaiton General

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I emulate a lot, deep into emulation and shit and i have never seen such a great psx emulation as with the current dev build of duckstation!
This is on the same level as with the black magic of ppsspp!
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