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Was Germany truly like this?
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How can wh*te "men" even compete?
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The whiter you are, the more american you are.

Italians can't be american. If I moved to the midwest, the first thing that would go through anybody's mind when they see me is "is that a spic?". I live in new york so nobody says anything, but in some parts of the country they lynched us like a bunch of niggers.
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>born to Italian American dad and Jewish American mom
>raised Jewish
>attended Hebrew "school"
>didn't learn anything beyond some prayers and what to recite during my bar mitzvah
>fast forward over a decade later and I can't even speak a sentence of Hebrew
>try learning Yiddish and Italian (my ancestral languages) on duolingo and memrise
>give up after a week
>try one last time to learn a language (this time Lithuanian since that's where my maternal grandparents were from)
>give up after a month

Any other diasporas know the feel of not being able to learn their native languages?
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/lat/ - hilo latino

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I quite like Italo-Americans, mostly because they make Italians seethe.
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>the absolute state of Japan
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Is she white?
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okekanka i kompanija
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>your mom fucks black men or something
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