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what made them a federation?
it's impressive still 7 families are separately ruling this tiny area.

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Mayocels can just fuck any non white women so i wanna die and be reborn as white. also whites have sex all day everyday
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Why should I care about Palestine?
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Any fellow shitskin-bros from India here? Pakis welcome too, I guess.
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Italian man tests positive for HIV, Corona and Monkeypox after a trip to Spain.

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is your country tolerant of other cultures?
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>You will never get enslaved by a tribe of Mongolian warrior women who force you into regular reproductive sex for the tribe's survival.
Why even get up in the morning.
How do you cope without Mongolian snu-snu?
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This is not a conspiracy: Europe is purposefully being deindustralized by a "Green" agenda

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