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Is my plant dead? I give it water once per week and I let it sit in the sunlight for a few hours every day, but it's still brown all over and it doesn't look like it's getting bigger.
It's an air plant.
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i'm taking all of these, please keep me company for a while
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Draft hohols. Mobilize hohols. Conscript hohols. Grab hohols off the street. Roundhouse kick a hohol into conscription. Kidnap hohols and send them to the front. Mobilize 16 year old hohols as cannon fodder. Grab 70 year old hohols and send them to boot camp. Launch hohol conscripts strapped to rockets. Use hohol conscripts in human wave attacks. Mobilize female hohols. Mobilize sick hohols. Mobilize disabled hohols. Mobilize retarded hohols. Send hohol conscripts on suicide charges. Weld hohol conscripts in tanks. Throw a hohol baby at the russians. Mobilize pregnant hohols. Draft hohols in schools. Draft hohols in hospitals. Draft hohols at funerals of dead drafted hohols. Drag hohols out of their own homes and send them to war. Use hohol conscripts as human shields. Draft 80 year old hohol babushkas. Arm hohol conscripts with rusty old AKs. Give hohol conscripts no body armor. Draft hohol cops. Draft hohol doctors. Draft hohol firefighters. Draft teachers. Draft students. Draft politicians. Draft single mothers. Mobilize an entire school. Send hohol conscripts to the trenches.
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Saint Dunstan edition
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The most popular TV series 2023 No1 was attack of titan
But no k dorama or kmovie in ranking even squid game

Korean culture is ended
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>bad mouth turkey
>a german flag defends it
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*DING DING DONG* edition

old >>190778254
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are italians looked down upon and called sandniggers in the midwest?

i see a lot of things from people saying how they're closer to arabs than germanics and how they don't fully trust them.
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