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Old one is autosaging >>6802860
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New god-awful thread. Weebs, cosplays, lolitas, congoers, no drama, just pictures and laughter.

Old thread image-maxed here
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Period Problems

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Have you ever been so excited for a meetup or con only to wake up and discover it's that time of the month?
Have you ever started while at a con or meetup?
Do you still go dressed up and risk it, or do you just not bother?
Any horror stories? Any solutions?
Haven't seen a thread like this so why not
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New mail thread, last one is in autosage
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LARP thread - pupper of doom edition

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last thread >>10532631
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Beauty Thread

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Last thread is about to get archived >>10478964

Discuss anything beauty related
>favorite newly released products?
>favorite/least favorite new trends?
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Hair and Makeup Thread

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Discuss hair and makeup, and other related beauty topics.

Previous thread: >>10425022
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This is urgent... Could anyone helping me to find out the name of this girl? I will be grateful with everyone

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When did we last have a nanchette thread?
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CGL Secret Santa 2020: Will my online orders arrive on time?

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Previous Thread: >>10496259

>Shipping Deadline: December 11, 2020
>Grinch Check: January 31, 2021

IDs have been assigned! Please use that to contact your matches in the threads! If you are getting no response, let us know and we can contact via email!

If you don't think your online purchases will arrive before the shipping date please let us know! We can work around it, but going silent is not good! Please remember there are likely to be extra delays on top of the usual Christmas postage chaos due to the Covid situations.
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