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I'm FaerieKanon

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Feel free to follow me on twitter <3
black lives matter, Antifa is what we need and fuck right wing nazis <3

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Cosplay is demonic and gay and you're all faggots, almost worse then furries, I hope your all kys, this isn't bait best the truth and what everyone and your family thinks if you

the absolute state of this board

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They should make a new iq test where they hook up electrodes to your brain and make you scroll through this board and if the happy parts of your brain light up they should shoot you in the of the skull

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Post pics of people who throw the best anime con parties

Worst 10 Year Transformation

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Ever see someone 10 years later and think "what the fuck, are you even the same person"? This was a friend of mine about 10 years ago. She was fucking hot on the right as Winry going to anime cons all the time. On the left is her today. What the fuck actually happens to some people?

Encounter with cosplay swingers?

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Ok gulls, story time. This is from LAX earlier this year.

I had always wanted to hit up one of the bigger conventions. Up until then I had attended just a few local ones on East Coast. I do decent-ish for myself and booked a few nights at the JW Marriott.

One evening, as I was lounging in the comfy hotel lobby, a striking couple caught my eye. Their costumes were S tier: Mirko and Deku from MAH. The girl had Mirko's athletic look down to her well-defined muscles, tight leotard, and bunny ears. Deku's outfit was decent too.

After discreetly snapping a pic (I'm a big fan of bunny girls), I was about to return to my coke when they approached me. "Hey, couldn't help but notice you admiring our outfits. Fan ?" Mirko asked enthusiastically.

Caught in the act, I chuckled. "Guilty as charged. You two look amazing. I'm sure you put a lot time into the outfits."

They introduced themselves as Lana and Jake (anonymized). Lana shared that this was their fourth time attending LAX, but the first time they'd put so much effort into their costumes. They'd met two years prior when Jake accidentally knocked over a doujin display while dressed as Todoroki, and Lana, then (again) as Mirko, had helped him clean up the mess. Rest was history.

Three of us ended up at the hotel bar, where amidst the chit-chat and cocktails, Lana leaned in and asked, "You seem like an open-minded guy. Have you ever considered... joining a couple for some fun?"

For a moment, the grandeur of the JW Marriott faded into the background. It took me a second to process their proposition and I had only read stories online about swinger culture / more open relationship kinda stuff.

I took a sip of my drink, considering their offer. We exchanged numbers and... well... let's say we did get a chance to "hang out" on the last day of the con ^_^. We've kept in touch since then and will prob see each other again at NYCC later this year.

Anyone else ever find themselves in a similar situation at a con?
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My 2005 RE 4 Leon Kennedy Cosplay

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my first time trying to do some cosplay, it was quite costly, but i am happy with the finished result. what do yall think?
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What's the best part of the US for weeb/cosplay types

Something tells me that PA is full of weebs


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Are you subscribed to someone else's Patreon? (or similar sites like boosty or kofi)

I'm subscribed to the $50 and $30 tiers of a couple of girls and buy sets on gumroad/kofi sometimes if it's cheap enough
I was subscribed to the lower tier of other girls but had to stop because $100+ per month spent on girls seems a bit too much, even though I love cosplay :( I also spend money on weeb merch so..