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Do you want to become a western cosplay gravure idol in japan? This company searches for some.
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How does this makes you feel, /cgl/?

Why do you think of fat people cosplaying? Have you ever not cosplaying something because of your body type?

Also, what do you think of naked women posng next to children? What about an almost naked guy posing next to a little kid?
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Closet of Thrills - Church Performance Edition

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Old one is autosaging >>8763380
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only a month left!
Who's going?
What do you expect?
Why is there no schedule?
Why you reading all these questions?
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Closet of Frills Thread: ILD Massacre Edition

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New Thread, Old one is here >>8748276

International Lolita Day coordinates!
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Australia Cosplay General

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>Adelaide Supaova
>Brisbane Supaova
>Who's working on what?
>How did you guys find PAX?

All this and more in: Australia Cosplay General
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hopee chan and score

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Let me get all the dramu plox. Last I heard someone cheated on someone but I think that was just some bullshit. Twinzik nice?
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Cosplayers for Hire?

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Hello, my name is Not Jesus and I am looking for cosplayers for a webcomic\ graphic novel we are working on.

here's the trailer

Who is Annary Shining?

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So I'm on World Cosplay and I notice that my photos are liked by someone who is in the top 5. Then I notice that she likes... everyone's photos. Literally every single person World Cosplay is having their photos liked by Annary. And then I figure out that this is her campaign, to raise her rank artificially by clicking the heart button two million times and hoping that lonely people click the heart back...

But like, no current facebook presence. No recent stuff. Just a mountain of pictures from... sometime?

Who is this girl? Why is it her goal to make Reika ousted on a weekly basis?

Lolita Youtubers

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Last thread in auto-sage >>8460837

Discuss all and any lolita content and personalities on youtube
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