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MCC Cringe thread

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Who are the worst cosplayers in MCC? Who makes you want to kys the most and who are the ugliest, bitchiest, and all around biggest cunts in melbourne?
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Previous thread: >>8444593

>Irish Cosplay
>Irish J-Fashion/Lolita
>ArcadeCon's failure

Let's go!
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Japan Weekend

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Last thread got deleted, so I'm starting again.

General thread to post cosplay, opinions, pros, cons or just random stuff.
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I remember seeing a thread ages ago about a girl who was a gyaru and she is doing porn now. I wnna hear of other such examples of cosplayers, lolitas or gyarus that do adult shoots or porn or have similar adult-themed careers or simply have done a one-off nude shoot.
Let's not have a debate though, this is not a pro or against thread, I just find it interesting and want to know more, hear the stories, see the pics etc.

Padding, stuffing & push-ups

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Here's the deal. I'm a not-exciting 34C. 32D for a couple of oddball brands and fits. Most cool characters who aren't kids are pretty stacked up top, way more than me. The standard wonder bra isn't giving me enough.

Pic related. Results I want vs same girl with no support. I've a very similar body type to Kelly Jean. She says she's not had surgery so unlike the usual busty cosplayers like Yaya and Nigri, she must be padding but stills gets the implants look. How is best to pad like this? I want the big anime style perfectly round implant-like boobs. I can't afford to just buy them.
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Has anyone worked with this photographer before?

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UK/Britfag thread

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EGX at the end of the month.
MCM London next month.

Whats new?
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Could this be the best cosplay in history?
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NYCC 2015 Cosplay Photographers

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Is there a list or group I can go to for all the cosplay photographers that charge and those who are free?


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