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Photographers that get on your nerves

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I can't stand when some people say how great they are for doing free Photoshoots, yet they only take pictures of famous cosplayers. Grwat so the shoots are free, bur they wont take any photos. I can't stand the fake, we are so nice act.
We all know you're Elitist so stfu. Post photography talk that bothers you.
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Cosplayers you dislike

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Anyone have any cosplayers that they seriously just cannot stand?
I just unfriended this girl because she has a ego like Miggy Jagger and poor craftsmanship.
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is the bar really that low for anime cons? top 100
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Lolita Comm Thread

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Last one autosaged. It got good. Any other comms harboring any spiteful, angry feelings they'd like to get out?
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Cosplay Is Not Conscent

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With the Richard Bui Cosplay Photographers incident, who are some of the creepy photographers to avoid in the community?
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Winter Ball 2015

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Old thread:
We're taking /fa/
Someone please link current chats, etc.
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Here's a new Australia General thread because the other one is in autosage >>8622040/
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MCC Cringe thread

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Who are the worst cosplayers in MCC? Who makes you want to kys the most and who are the ugliest, bitchiest, and all around biggest cunts in melbourne?
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Previous thread: >>8444593

>Irish Cosplay
>Irish J-Fashion/Lolita
>ArcadeCon's failure

Let's go!
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