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I have a lot of money because of a good job and nothing to do with it
I'm looking for a lolita gf to buy burando for and help me pick some aristocrat
send applications here
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Katsucon Kickoff Party

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So who is going to this party at Katsu?
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Dolldelight Thread

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Katsucon thread

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Last one in auto-sage and sinking faster than the bags under Jessica Nigri's eyes.

Most hated cosplay photographers
Coffee maker macaroni and ironing grilled cheese
How many fur coats required to keep warm outside the hotel

Previously >>8799519
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I went to a con recently and I was overcome with this idea. How many sex workers do you think go to these things, in cosplay, to part lonely nerds from their money? I would think it would be pretty common, as it seems like it'd be easy as fuck.
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Cosplayers you hate

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Post cosplayers that you dislike
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Cosplayers you can't stand

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Come and rant about those cosplayers you just can't stand. Share your experiences.
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Shino Aoi - Throne

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AV starlet Shino Aoi recently did a cosplay photo shoot. Anyone collecting from this site>

Who are the top most followed cosplayers?

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As of right now, Jessica Nigri holds the top Facebook follow count for American cosplayers, and you would Yaya Han would hold 2nd place. However, its Holly Wolf.

Who do you think SHOULD be the most followed cosplayers?
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Artist Alley General

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