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Bamos Florida, what are your plans?

New cosplays? What cons? Who's new? Who's MIA?

Let's talk.
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Finland thread

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Since the last thread is gone, lets start a new one with all the last minute panic about Frostbite! Twitter seems to be filled with people doing the "Less than a week to go and I have two costumes to finish :((" -thing again. What about you seagulls, all ready for con?

(I'm just going to wear old costumes, so no stress :P)
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How do you feel about people cosplaying a character of a different race?
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Cozpho Photography

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I've been waiting for some photo's from Cozpho Photography for quite sometime to no avail. She'll post pics of her cosfamous friends daily without any issues. It's seriously annoying.
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Unfortunate faces in cosplay

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Can we get some unfortunate faces up in here?
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/cgl/ Rule 2 Switch

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Does this mean we can finally get ChineseGossip back and BtB threads? Or god forbid be able to warn each other about toxic people in the communities without getting banned?
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Feels Thread

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Old one died and I needed to get this out

>Have friend
>Sweetest girl ever talented UX designer
>But also overweight and makes terrible cosplay choices
>She posts progress photos for Miss Monochrome costume made purely from duct tape
>Pretty much as bad as it sounds

I'm caught in this weird feeling of I know this is a failure that deserves to be shared on cgl. but if she ever found out she got posted and ridiculed she would be humiliated. But her costumes are never really good and we aren't close enough to the point I should be trying to guide her. She's unfortunately also being influenced by this terrifying local hambeast cosplayer with a ton of chubby chaser followers who loves making duct tape cosplays of things that don't deserve to be duct tape. I'm just rambling now but it really is terrible. Imagine a duct tape dress form for a short obese girl but it's made to look like Rin Kagamine's Meltdown dress.
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Holiday Matsuri

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So, a friend of mine is kinda dragging me to this con and it's my first time going so I have to ask:

>What to expect at this convention?
>What events are worth going to at said con?
>Who to avoid at this con, be it photog or congoer?
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How was your scorching hot Christmas anons?
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