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Shino Aoi - Throne

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AV starlet Shino Aoi recently did a cosplay photo shoot. Anyone collecting from this site>

Who are the top most followed cosplayers?

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As of right now, Jessica Nigri holds the top Facebook follow count for American cosplayers, and you would Yaya Han would hold 2nd place. However, its Holly Wolf.

Who do you think SHOULD be the most followed cosplayers?
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Artist Alley General

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Sorry for being a faggot for asking but anyone know of any 18+ after parties at or in nyc comic con?

Also nyc comic con thread
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Cassie Lowe, Cassie's Costume Closet, Pumpkin Reina, MotherUsagi, Hatsune Divastar, who the fuck knows what else this attention whore goes by. Anyone else had run-ins with her? She can't seem to keep a friend for more than a month, scammed some chick out of a $300 cosplay commission, and blames everything on her being a single mom.
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AZ comm?

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What is the AZ lolita comm like? I heard it's filled with drama and itas
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Big boobs thread
Real or fake
Chubby or slim
Selfposts welcome
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Cringe Cosplay

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Post the last cosplay pic that made you cringe.
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It's been a while. Keep it board related, no shitty selfies, keep it cosplay and Jfash
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Surprised there's no thread yet, little over 3 months away! Who's going? What're your plans?

I've never been to Colossal myself, what can I expect anons? Any suggestions? I'm looking forward to it regardless.
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