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Artist Alley Thread

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>Taobao/Alibaba services

Topics of discussion:
What are you guys working on atm?
Have you noticed any odd trends in what is popular this season that you didn't expect?
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You have 10 seconds to prove you're from ancient, primordial /cgl/
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I know this is still a couple months away but I'm gonna be going to this con for the first time and it'll also be my first time doing some actual travelling (plane) to a convention.

what's it like? things to avoid? must-do's?
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Online comm thread

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Old thread: >>9265946

Link to this post (since it can't be viewed on OP's own blog):
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What do you guys do about costumes/props/pictures being used and not credited properly? Not the whole China-stole-my-picture-for-cheap-advertising but actual big name cosplayers not giving credit when it's due. How do you guys deal with that? Pic unrelated.
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Instagram Thread!

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I only made an account recently and I'm looking for more cosplayers to follow. Please post your favorite cosers on Insta, link to your own page if you'd like, and let's try making new Insta friends based on our passion for this craft and fandom love!
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any one else adore her? her cosplays are always on point
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CoF: 2 weeks till Christmas Thread

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Old thread >>9277982
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Selling polaroids mini photos of cosplayers

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Not sure how long this has been a thing. She sold a set of three Polaroid mini photos for $45. What is the appeal of these? Are they more of a personalized thing or is this just as dumb as I think it is? I would rather spend the money on some nice full sized prints.
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Florida General: Too Many Cons Edition

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Supercon announced their dates to coincide with TBCC and AFO next year. Thoughts? As well as there being some free Ultracon event and Space Coast Comic Con next weekend, Animate! Florida, Treasure Coast Comic Con, and PalmCon.
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