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New-Newcon Thread

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Old thread: >>8705008

>Con owner, Mike, stole money from friends and staff
>Guests and winners weren't paid for 6+ months
>Most of the staff has quit
>Con still doesn't have a business license
>Desperate ads trying to sell badges keep coming up on Facebook
>How far away will Mike be when the con starts and how much money will he have stolen

Please refrain from bringing up unfounded gossip or personal drama in this thread. Keep it focused on Newcon and the (small) group of people who run it.

Did Crispin Freeman really cancel as a guest? Will anyone even show up to the con?
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Himezawa/Sabrina Schultes thread

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A famous German idol who lives in Japan
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New ita thread

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Happy to see we have yet another muslimita.
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Bump limit reached on old thread >>>8777658

Kitacon tickets went on sale today; the convention sold out in around 20 minutes including all VIP spots.

The rules list is pretty strict this time. Committee members have said that many of the rules have been set by the hotel. Your room will be cleaned daily, and any DND sign ignored after 11am. If you get too drunk they can escort you to your room and/or kick you out of the con. Real fur is banned, as is outside food. Nobody's clear if this is just in the entire hotel or if you can still eat in your room.

And finally, Kita owns all your pictures, asides from those taken in private rooms. Because nobody wants to see your shitty after dark CMV.
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Cringe/Bad Cosplay

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So many local cosplays i see on Facebook are absolute shit. Half assed efforts = half assed results
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ITA thread

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Last thread is close to 300
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Bad Cosplay

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Let's start this off with this cringe worthy duo
the pink haired.. thing. is suppose to be Punk ChibiUsa according to Hitomi
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Ita Thread: Potato Sack Edition

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Britfag UK Thread

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Last one got archived.

Anyone got any last minute Christmas cosplays planned?
Ready for Kita reg in January?
Got a fav for the drama-fest that is LSCC Cosplay Championship in February?
How's the rest of your 2016 looking?
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Do you want to become a western cosplay gravure idol in japan? This company searches for some.
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