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Photoshop Disasters Thread

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Why do people think this sort of thing looks good?
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Horror Stories!

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Good 'ol fashion horror stories thread. Post your personal experiences or favorite achieves. Lolita, cosplay, convention experiences- post 'em all. Crazy obsessive itas, obnoxious homestucks and their plague of grey paint, stalker stories, let's hear them.
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Menhera Thread

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the topic has been discussed briefly in the fairy kei thread and i figured it could use its own thread. anyway,

>"What is Menhera?"

>When it comes to fashion, Menhera is rather a theme than anything else as it depends more on motifs than the clothing pieces on their own, something not uncommon for substyles. It was popularized by the artist and fashion designer Kuua Oyasumi who is also in charge of the designs for many indie brands. In general, it is based on “dreamy cute with a touch of sickness“ (病みかわいい) which here mostly refers to the combination of kawaii clothes with mental health or sexual themes, usually in the form of prints and accessories. It is a lot about sexual liberty and against the pressure of society as mentioned before, showing japanese society the ugly truth behind the facade of its innocent and pure kawaii culture.

pic related, kind of. i'm really interested in buying some menhera-chan merch.

feel free to dump pics, stores, anything really
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Pic unrelated
Can someone help me find that one bad cosplay pic that's like a shemale with twin tails and ribbons barely covering his/her tits/pussy ? I think they were cosplaying like something from a figurine or some shit.
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Candid Cosplay

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Post buttshots, upskirts, and nipple slips from conventions. Go!
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Under Bits!

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C-Strings for cosplay. Do they work? Do they migrate/will they stay put with butt cheek power? Will they show? (like in the picture)

I've never had such in depth questions about underwear until I got into cosplay.
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Australia Cosplay Thread - Post PAX edition

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Pax has come and gone. Only Brisnova and Adelaide Supanova remain on the calendar this year.
>see any good shit at PAX?
>what did you dislike?
>have beethy and kris had a brawl in an alley yet?
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She made it herself! In only 2 weeks!
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Australia Cosplay General 15.0

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Old thread reached the bump limit, so heres a new one.
>Cosplay progress
>Upcoming Convention plans

You can find it all here in: Australia Cosplay General 15.0
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Vera Baby's Photo Shoot Prices

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Will you look at this? There's a sucker born everyday.
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