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what european race did buddha belong to again? was he scandinavian european, baltic-slavic european, or would he represent the average northern Italian?
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How did people see images like this with white Americans harassing Black teenagers trying to go to school and think America was the good guy in the Cold War against the Soviet Union?
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What are the best historical manga?
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Did Africans sub Saharan blacks have real cities?
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What happened with its proportions? In old studies and amateur calculators it was stated as about 15-45-40 in Northern Europeans while now all the models show about 30-20-50, i.e. WHG was re-estimated in favor of ANE. Why? How?
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I hate that Christianity has been turned into something it's not, (in the mainstream), because luke warm idiots who don't worship Jesus claim to be Christians and then do evil things. Their punishment in hell will be great.
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Why Communism is always more popular than right-wing ideas? Even marxist figures are more popular, Marx always had a Socrates/greek philosopher like aesthetic.
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Why did atheism fail?
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