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Obscure ethnic groups

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>26 million people
Never heard of them ever
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The Coming Incel Revolution

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The Coming Incel Revolution
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Have liberal-democracy fans ever been able to explain this?
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Why did italians face so much discrimination compared to other European groups?

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The Irish, Japanese, mexicans, jews or French never faced as much discrimination as italians did. Why? Only blacks suffered more for obvious reasons. Why did the biggest lynching in lousiana was about killing italians? Bonus question? Are european Americans going to be the most discriminated group of the future?
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What is the answer to the current Israel-Palestine problem?
Do you think this is a reasonable solution?
>Armistice between Israelis and Gaza
>Implementation of a singular secular state in the Levant where all ethnicities, Arab, Jewish or otherwise, are given equal rights, opportunity and freedom of movement, religion and opinion
>Leaders and combatants from both Hamas and Netanyahu's government are put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity, if found guilty, all involved governments, parties and institutions are to be immediately disbanded and apprehended
>A Marshall Plan-like collective effort between countries to rebuild destroyed and damaged properties, villages and cities like Gaza
>Families and descendants of Palestinians and native ethnic peoples expelled and displaced from the Levant in the Nakba and afterwards are allowed and given resources to return to Palestine and their original homes
>Those that don't want to return will be given reparation payment for compensation instead
>Palestine will be allowed entry into the UN, Non-Aligned Movement and the Arab League when Arabs become the majority.

But the trade-off is:
>Jerusalem will be the Capital but the secular government will not interfere in the operations of the Old City unless it is to ease or curb tensions
>Allow the Temple Mount to be operated co-jointly by the Jordanian Waqf and Israeli Temple Institute
>Allow the building of the new Jewish Temple beside the Dome of the Rock on the Northern Garden without destroying any existing structures, as shown in pic related
>Jews will be allowed to visit the Temple Mount, although they generally don't want to since it is too sacred for them to just walk into, unless it is a chosen group of religious Jewish officials doing prayers and services in the new Temple
>A platoon of UN peacekeeping/international troops is placed to enforce order in the Old City

That way, both Israelis and Palestinians get something out of it. Or is this still too much?
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Why do muslims despise art? Are they stupid?
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what US president has the worst defenders on /his/ and why is it Nixon? even his most diehard defenders can't name anything constructive he accomplished.
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Should I stop using X?

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The moors.... were like that?!
Looks like EEF for me lol
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If your anus tingles while watching this then you are destined to go to hell and suck satans bbc for all eternity. Repent faggots

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>lose 0.01% of your territory
>"century of humilliation"
>muh imperialism
are chinese retarded
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