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Is there any advantage in history to being landlocked? It seems like a great disadvantage in almost every respect. Also,
>Poor Moldova
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Time Travel

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If you were offered the chance to go back in time and become a noble from the 1100's would you do it and if yes what rank would you be willing to settle for (Count, Duke, king ect.)
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Post historic photos that give you the chills
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Why is this board so Turkophobic?
Is it because we gave white people the taste of their own medicine?
We only did to white people what white people did to other people
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Will we ever have their quality?

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Why exactly did they rush to war with the Soviet Union? After France fell, the Nazis were in a very comfortable situation. The Hitler-Stalin-Pact stabilised the eastern front. Formally they were only at war against the UK. So why not fully concentrate on them? They could have used their excellent relations to muslim leaders to conquer the middle east, then they would have more than enough oil for the Wehrmacht. Then they could strengthen their Navy and combine it with Italy's to isolate the english isles from any trade while simultaneously bombing english cities. How long until the english would have capitulated? Not very long, probably. Then, after the british are defeated, the Nazis could have fully concentrate on the Soviet Union and strike them with full force.
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Was Karl Marx right in his critique against capitalists? They contribute nothing to society
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More weird battles/wars like this

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>Spaniards, Japanese Ronin and Filipinos defeat a Chinese army
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Ottoman Italy

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Could the Ottomans have theoretically held Southern Italy after Otranto had Mehmed the Conquerer not died? Given the fact that the Ottomans were one of the strongest powers in Europe at the time and were led by a militaristic zealot who felt it was his destiny to establish an Islamic Roman Empire, I feel it's at the very least plausible.
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Is free speech a good thing?
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