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What is /his/ opinion on Mark Felton Productions? I think he's one of if not the greatest WW2~post WW2 history channels out there. I never even knew Erwin Rommel was given 3 choices of ending his life and his family's faith after Hitler and the Gestapo discovered that Rommel was supposedly helping in Operation Valkyrie. Amazing channel to say the least

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Self-evident proof y'all.
4chan hates Jews.


Thread deleted.
No reasons.


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Why does /his/ hate us Jews, it's not our fault we're G-D's
chosen people. G-D is guilty of that, not us. Please stop
hating us innocent Jews, hate G-D, we're just victims.
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>wonder for years why the Scots language wikipedia is so badly written
>it's basically just written in English, no efforts are made to include Scots vocabulary or grammar
>if try to add any Scots vocab or fix the grammar your edits will be reverted within the day
>start noticing a pattern with the edit pages
>all the articles are created by the same person
>look at a dozen more articles
>they were all created by this same person
>look at about two hundred random articles
>they've all been created by a gay 13 year old furry from North Carolina who doesn't even speak Scots
>he's created practically ever single page on the wiki

I know this is probably too niche a topic for /his/ and probably nobody cares but me, but I find it pretty horrifying. Through the efforts of one obsessive who knows absolutely nothing about the topic he seems to dedicate all his spare time to, what could've been a vital resource for a dying language is instead most commonly used as ammunition against it, people deriding it as 'badly spelled English' because that's what the guy writing all these thousands of articles thinks Scots is. 600 years of literary history wiped out by a random teenager. Truly the digital age is a horrific time.
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Why do Arabs still dress like on the left but Chinese don't dress like on the right anymore?
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What did he mean by this?
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Archaeologists now know that Stonehenge is the vineyard
Son of man Ezekiel and Son of man Jesus were referring:
Parable of the Wicked Tenants; Matt 21, Mark 1, Luke 20.
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The genocide of the pagan Kafirs and forced conversion to Sunni Islam in 1893 by Afghanistan

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Lesser known fact:

Although the Hazara Shia genocide of 1893 at the hands of the Sunni Afghan Emir is well known,
another genocide took place two years later of the pagan Kaafirs of Kafiristan and their forced conversion to Sunni Islam.

Here’s the story of how Kafiristan became Nuristan.
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In 1985, when John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were truncheoned by Wiltshire Constabulary
en route to Stonehenge for excavating the 666 Talents of Gold beneath Heelstone for G-D,
did they know Wiltshire Constabulary were ordered by Queen Elizabeth II to kill them?
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Indonesian Islam history thread

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What's the history of white European settlement in Indonesia and their descendants?
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