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Why was Iraq ruled by foreign invaders for 2,600 years?

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has this country ever won a war?
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Why did he give his dynasty a Turkish name?
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Why is Tibet still part of China? Its culture, religion, and people are nothing like the rest. I know it was conquered hundreds of years ago, but it clearly didn't integrate very well.
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Which Abrahamic religion will be the first to die out, and which the last?
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Were Native Americans more "civilized" than us? On contact our only advance was gunpowder, they had longer lifespans than serfs.
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What was the most racist society in all of human history?
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What if Japan won WW2?

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Let's say they use human tsunamis to take over Hawaii in a suprise attack and americans fail to retake it.
How would history change?
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Why do so many semite religions feel like they were designed to appeal to school shooters?
>the faithful will be treated badly and mocked for being unlike the others
>the day of reckoning will soon come
>you will be rewarded after martyring yourself for the cause
>everyone who was ever mean to you will be tormented for time eternal
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>Building with mudbricks bad even though it has been tried and true for 1000+ years
Why is /his/ like this?
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