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>be italian
>laze in the countryside all day
>flavour of the week conqueror from some northern barbarian shithole comes
>peacefully annexts the duchy your live in after losing 450k men back in bavaria or something
>asks you the same tithes than before
>builds and maintains forts, roads, sewers, aqueducts from his own pocket because your taxes can in no way pay for all that shit
>bleeds money everywhere and even makes a baroque cathedral to ingratiate some cardinal banker
>becomes flat broke
>gets rekt by another foreign power
>forced to retreat back to his country
>new conqueror comes
>rinse and repeat
Call them stupid.

Why do swedish """women""" look like this

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Is this philosophy just a cope for depressed incels, or should I take it seriously?
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There is nothing more inspiring and uplifting than Atheism

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There is no more inspiring and uplifting message than the good news of Atheism. It can turn everyone's life around.

In the beginning, there was nothing.

Then, something exploded in the nothingness, and it was good.

Then, galaxies, stars and planets formed out of this something, and it was good.

Then, on one ordinary planet of one ordinary galaxy, some slime appeared in the sea, and it was good.

Then, slime turned into worms and worms turned into fish, and it was good.

Then, fish crawled off the sea, climbed a tree and became a monkey, and it was good.

Then, monkey fell off tree and became a man, and it was good.

Then, man stood up, said: "THERE IS NO GOD" and chopped off his dick, and it was very good.

Then, all stars and galaxies burned out and all something that was there dissolved back into nothing, and it was the best.
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What can you tell me about my ancestral groups?
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1619 Project

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So who is right about this shit? Trying to ignore the politics, did slavery pave the way for the 2nd industrial revolution and SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVES built the country or was it dogshit and we would have built our shit faster without it?

To be fair, here's a Chud take and a lefty take.


The Hillbilly Migration.

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etween 1940 and 1960, around 7 million Appalachian people migrated to the northern Midwestern cities, primarily coming from Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee, this increase of internal migration was the result of the decline of the coal industry and the 1924 Immigration Act forcing automotive companies to seek workers from within the country rather than immigrants.

Poor Appalachian people who arrived in the metropolitan Midwestern cities were often looked down upon with disdain. In a 1953 survey conducted by Wayne State University, Detroit residents were asked to identify "undesirable people" in the city; "Poor Southern whites" and "hillbillies" were tied at the top with criminals and gangsters as the most undesirable, being considered more undesirable than "Negroes", "drifters", and "transients". They were thought to be "quick with a knife", prone to criminal behavior and coming from intensely rural backgrounds, unaccustomed to the restrictiveness of urban living.

Labor unions and police departments acted against Appalachian migrants, harassing them, excluding them from unions and civic organizations, some landlords and apartment complexes would even refuse to house any white with a "southern" accent.

This discrimination led poor Appalachians to unite with the most unlikely of demographics; urban blacks. The most notable example of this occurred in Chicago, when white Appalachian youth in street gangs from Uptown united with the Black Panthers to protest, march and strike for housing rights, an end to discrimination against both Appalachian and black residents of Chicago, inclusion in unions and other issues negatively impacting both communities. This eventually grew into the Rainbow Coalition, a revolutionary Maoist group with ties to the SDS and Weather Underground, representing the White Appalachian, Black and Hispanic communities of Chicago.
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This can't be real...
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Is the Le based Third Worlders meme just a right-wing version of the noble savage myth?
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Did the South Africans consider reforming rather than abolishing minority rule?

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What if the Nationalists had been voted out of power sometimes between 1976 and the late 1980s (or indeed if the Nationalists had removed apartheid from their platform). Would it have been possible to reverse apartheid legislation, while maintaining white sovereignty? After all, this had been the previous status quo before 1948.
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