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What is /his/'s view of the Holocaust, on a spectrum where one end is
>they were only work camps
and the other end is
>6 million is completely accurate and reasonable death toll
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Confederate victory in the Battle of Antietam or Allied victory in Operation Market Garden

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Which one is more likely to result in a heavily pregnant Anne Frank?
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Has the dna of italians changed since the romans?
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I gotta say that I don't find the story very plausible.
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Is it accurate to say that India is a fascist country given its treatment of lower caste people and muslims?
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How terrible is north Korea really?
I saw a video saying people now have cellphones but can't connect to the outside world and when I see windows timezone options I see North Korea in the settings. Are we being fed propaganda?
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Why do liberals always assert that Lincoln would have been a liberal/democrat if he were magically transported to modern day?
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>Leviticus 18:22
Why did Jews create homophobia? Are they evil?
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What topics do far-rightists and centre-rightists infight over?
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The Spanish empire was a backwards shithole and no amount of hispanista coping will change that, here's why
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