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The real reason behind the war in Ukrain

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I'm posting here because /pol/ is braindead and full of shills shilling shills at this point.

Now, the most common reasons presented as the reason for the war in Ukraine are

But: Putin doesn't care about that. He uses ideology as a tool.

Forget all the fucking prattle about NATO and Nazis, it doesn't matter. It's a fucking smokescreen, something to throw off the normies and sheeple- Putin doesn't really believe in that.

Putin has repeatedly claimed, that he wants to "erase the idea of Ukraine", and bring them back to the Russian state? To erase the "Nazis" or "Banderites"- That is, Ukrainian nationalists, whether or not they are faschists. Solovyov has echoed that line- And he normally toes the Kremlin lines.

What Putin cares about is Russia, and Russian culture. He wants to be remembered like Peter the Great, and this is clear in his essay about historical unity of Russia and Ukraine, to stamp out an persistent challenge to the prevalent Russian identity, the idea of what it means to be "Rus", a people who see themselves as an champion of the slavonic peoples. This is common sentiment in the Russian cultural conciousness- And far from unique.

Let me illustrate an example. Take, Joseph Brodsky. Russian nobelist, well-known poet. A true Russian patriot and a posthumous Hero of the Federation. He published a poem in 1992, called "On Ukrainian Independence", which you can see in the pic. It was published in the duma gazette, Пapлaмeнтcкaя гaзeтa in 2014, and talked about in media. It's full of insults for Ukraine.

What's interesting, though, is how it ends:

"When you are dying and scratching your deathbed, you'll be wheezing Alexander's lines and not the Taras' bullshit"

And bear in mind- This was written in 1992.

But what does this statement mean?
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Favourite Nazi Thread
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What would Africa be like if it wasn't colonized?
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What are the rightful borders of Ukraine?
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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200 year old Bottle of Wine under the Slaughter Stone was discovered 100 years ago, that makes Stonehenge only 200 years old?
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>black teenager accidentally brushes a white girl's arm in an elevator
>days of rioting and 1/3rd of a city destroyed follows
*sips tea*
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How did mountain men entertain themselves? It must've been fucking boring without games or the internet.
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Was it divine retribution?
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Did you know Rosa Parks was mugged in Detroit at age 81?
>On Aug. 30, 1994, at the age of 81, Parks was mugged in her own home by a young black man, Joseph Skipper. Skipper broke down her back door and then claimed he had chased away an intruder. He asked for a tip. When Parks went upstairs to get her pocketbook, he followed her. She gave him the $3 he initially asked for, but he demanded more. When she refused, he proceeded to hit her.

>“I tried to defend myself and grabbed his shirt,” she explained. “Even at 81 years of age, I felt it was my right to defend myself.”

The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks

>He hit her again, punching her in the face and shaking her hard, and threatened to hurt her further. She relented and gave him all her money–$103. Hurt and badly shaken, she called Elaine Steele who lived across the street and had become a key source of support. Steele called the police who took 50 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, the word went out that someone had mugged Parks.
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