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They say Satan is Jesus, the Devil is No. 1, the God of this World, in the Desert teaching?
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So do y'all like Daniel the prophet's (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Hele Stone / Tabernacle descriptions; Or do y'all like Son of man Ezekiel's (let him that readeth understand,) Hele Stone / Throne descriptions better? Me likes 'em both equally.

G-D the Father
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Why is it /his/?

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Say! Why is my Tabernacle Mishkan still under Hele Stone?

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Post a manlier historical figure.
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The Irish Iceberg

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I enjoy explaining some of these to people. Any questions about obscure Irish history? Do you have any content that could fit on your own country's "iceberg"?
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I already told y'all where my brass "Altar of Burnt Offering" containing my gold "Tabernacle of God" relics is located; So finding my "Ark of my Covenant" is not possible since it was never lost; It is only lost to y'all non-scientist Social Studies anthropologist / archaeologist retards. Y'all's ignorance is y'all's problem, not mine. Under my Stonehenge, 1.2m (4ft) below the base of my Heel Stone.

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Old Warranty Deeds Thread
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What is the history of Kuwait? It is an interesting country and people.

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Why do leftypol trannies raid /his/ with their anti white propaganda?