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>you're bent over picking cotton on the plantation when this guy walks up behind you and tells you to get to the breakin' barn
wat do?
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I have noticed in over time that Asians have started to get more and more voluptuous, getting bigger breasts and behinds, when, historically, they have been know to be flat and stick like.
What's the historical reason for this
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Nationalist Troops

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Historians always talk about how republican troops were motivated by socialism, reforms, leftism etc. and that makes sense, because leftism was using mass-appeal to workers.

However, what motivated the average nationalist solider to fight for Franco? Sure, some of them were Catholics or just conservative by temperament, but what decided it for the average Spanish conscript? Republican messaging and propaganda seems way more convincing objectively.
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Is he the greatest politician of the post-war era? Deng is almost 100% responsible for China's transformation from an impoverished communist state to the premier industrial power on earth.
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Why are there christcucks on a history board? Clearly you donpt care about historical accuracy if you believe the first humans fell out of the sky.
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Damn, Mycenaeans look like this?
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Communism and the western middle class youth

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Historically speaking, why are westerners eager to try communism when it has failed in its entirety everywhere its been tried?

Especially western upper middle class youths seem to be rooting for it?
Why is that?
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Why do 90% of whites like pol and racists try to take credit for what 10% of the talented whites did simply when the only thing they share is a complexion? Pol is never going to write a moving symphony or develop a ground breaking scientific thesis yet they act like they are somehow able to flip a switch and do so
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