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Japanese sold Korean girls to Portuguese in Macau and Southeast Asia as sex slaves

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If Northern Han Chinese are not a mixed ethnic group, what can explaim all the Xianbei, Shatuo, Mohe, Gaogouli, Khitans, Central Asians, Uyghurs, Jurchens, Mongols and countless other tribes that naturalized and assimilated into the Chinese heartland
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This man was a Turkish soldier who took part in the Korean War in 1951 he alone raid the enemy camp with his bayonet, killing more than 10 Chinese soldiers and returning alive. His clothes were covered with Chinese blood.
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How big of a genetic impact have the Mongols and Manchurians had on the Chinese
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Why were so many arab and persian women as concubines in ancient China?
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It insists upon itself.
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What are you willing to do to make your /his/ ideals come to reality?
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A certain Vicar of Christ, perhaps?
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We didn't go far enough. Not only should the hungarian state of ceased to exist but the entente should have actively pursued the ethnic cleansing of magyars. This would have prevented WW2 also.
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What was it like being a cleric in the eastern bloc?
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