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islamic golden age

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is the islamic golden age a real thing at all? to me it just sounds like a bunch of arabs trying to steal a bunch of stuff persians were already doing all along even before islam, and try to pass it as their own
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when i was a kid i thought karl marx was black
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I think Communist Vietnam should apologize to America for their atrocities.

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Seriously the Vietnamese communists tortured our soldiers, murdered prisoners and humiliated us. When we normalized ties with these sobs in the 1990s a prerequisite should have been them apologizing to us and to apologize for them causing a refugee crisis. Now the good thing is these Vietnamese refugees are based and support America and conservative values but they are here because a communist government toppled south Vietnam a liberal democracy that stood by America. Since the current commie regime in power is illegitimate they should be forced to apologize for their crimes.
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Why are they like this?
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What was Japan’s role in the Vietnam War?
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Why do mongols get a free pass for all the atrocities they caused?
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islam is way too arab
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Relations between Vietnamese women and foreign white European men and Chinese men in Le dynasty

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Vietnam was in a civil war in the 17th century between the Trinh lords based in Tonkin in north Vietnam at Hanoi and the Nguyen lords in central and south Vietnam.

The Nguyen lords allied with the Portuguese and the Trinh lords allied with the Dutch.

The Dutch captured Vietnamese slaves from fighting the Nguyen lords (calling them Quinamese after Quang Nam aka Quinam).

The Trinh lords in Tonkin, north Vietnam allowed foreign Dutch men and English men to have rampant sexual relations with north Vietnamese women in cities like Hanoi and Haiphong (Doméa).
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Is psychology a valid scientific field of study?
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Why do we like to do bad and it's so hard for us to become wise and elevate ourselves?

>I would like to ask the bad men that we pray for them to be good, and then they appeal our advice for the flesh, claiming to be weak, how to invent evils they have judgement, to put them to work they have strengths and to persevere in them they never lack constancy. This causes that in the vices and miseries we call ourselves natural for committing, and in the virtues and feats we call ourselves strange and weak to act. No one dare to insult the nature saying that is skinny, nor lift up the gods because they are cruel, because no less ability we have for the good than for the bad. Do not say "I want and I can not get away from vice", better say "I can and I do not want to follow virtue". I do not want to infamy strange kingdoms, but to speak about the latins, and for them you will see who they were in the evils and what they could be in the goods.

>I ask Marco Antonio's expenses with Cleopatra, Sylla's proscription of the nobles of Rome, the conjuration that Catilina invented against his homeland, the blood shed for Pompey's cause in the fields of Pharsalia, the theft of the treasury by Julius Caesar, the cruelties used by Nero the cruel one with his mother, the strupos that Caligula committed with his sisters, the betrayal that Brutus made against his father Gayo, the lightness and cruelties of Domitian with the vestal virgins... I would like to know these ones that I tell here and many others that I have left, the strengths and tricks they used in so many evils, who took them away from them if they wanted in other goods.
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