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If it's love, it's love. Nobody has the right to get in the way.

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Was reading the king in yellow recently, written in 1895. Large part was set in a speculative near future of 1920.

A few things were surprisingly accurate guesses/predictions but one thing that obviously didn’t come to pass was the idea of there being “lethal chambers” in public streets of cities. Suicide booths essentially to self euthanise.

Do you think this or something similar is going to happen as societies move onwards?

Pretty quickly the west has gone from having suicide outright be illegal. And prosecuting people who failed and survived. To it being legal but treated as a mental illness. To medical euthanasia becoming fairly common

And now there are stories in places like Canada where euthanasia is a legal option with government programs for people who are in a lot of pain and sick. But are not necessarily dying.

The woman in this article for example, wasn’t actually terminally ill in the classical sense. She could have lived decades or more. But she was in extreme pain and eventually the disease would kill her so she qualified.

The two main anti euthanasia/supported suicide camps seem to be

>religious people or people who get their values from religion
>people afraid of government overreach and don’t trust doctors or politicians to not extend this for purposes like organ harvesting

What do you think about euthanasia morally, and do you think supported suicide will become more and more common?

In America I can see it being restricted much longer for social reasons and constitutional issues. But the rest of the west will likely jump on board pretty quickly. Especially Europe since there is such a large elderly population. How many will prefer a painless death over being kept alive in disgusting nursing homes while their bodies and minds decay?
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How did China change so quickly?

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This is less than a 30 year period. How did they manage to do a culture speed run? Mao and Deng completely transformed an agrarian society still wearing Qing clothing to a modern economic power within a half century.
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Is Marxism a religious cult?
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What was your favorite caliphate?
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The siege of fort zeelandia

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> In retaliation, Koxinga ordered the mass execution of Dutch male prisoners, mostly by crucifixion and decapitation with a few women and children also being killed. The remainder of the Dutch women and children were enslaved, with Koxinga taking Hambroek's teenage daughter as his concubine (she was described by the Dutch commander Caeuw as "a very sweet and pleasing maiden"), while other Dutch women were sold to Chinese soldiers to become their (secondary) wives or mistresses.

Gekoloniseerd bro how do we cope?
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Chinese believe, that in actual fact, Nationalist/Communist China was the most powerful combatant on the Allied side during the Second World War, vastly outperforming both the Soviets and the Western allies, to say nothing of the Japanese.

Communist China crushed America and Britain in North Korea. The Soviets destroyed the entire Japanese Kwantung Army while the same Soviets couldn't retake Xinjiang from China in the Ili rebellion from 1944.

China crushed and defeated the entire American led UN force in North Korea and drove the American, British and other UN armies from the Yalu river back south to Seoul. The same American army which occupied defeated Japan.
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All your critiques of Islam are just ignored by Muslims

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The British, for example, say

>"Look how many kids these inbred fuckers are producing, total drain on our hospital and benefits system!"

Yet Pakistanis pay absolutely zero attention to this or let it offend them in any way. They simply carry on inbreeding and ignoring the cries against it. I was chatting to a Pakistani taxi driver who is just about to welcome his 6th child.

>"Sick of these cunts now, every week blocking the roads and praying, fuck off to yer mosques you've got enough of em!"

Muslims typically do not make it a habit to pray in public but if the mosques are full will do it without a second thought. No Muslim is running scared to pray in case you complain about him to racists on X. A Muslim will complete his prayers in the middle of a flooded submerged street if that's what it takes.

>"Muhammad is now the most popular boys name in the U.K. This is a joke! sick of it! fucking sick of it"

And a Muslim closes his ears to that and names his latest son 'Muhammad' without a care in the world that you are objecting to it.

And on and on and on.

Muslims may be AWARE of your objections and complaints and they may even acknowledge them in the form of an argument or rebuttal against it but at the end of the day the Muslims will continue doing more of it anyway. There is nothing illegal about cousin marriage, there is nothing illegal about praying, there is nothing illegal about naming your child Muhammad, there is nothing illegal about 'wearing desert dress', there is nothing illegal about entire areas of cities becoming dominated by Muslims, etc.

Muslims are not going to acquiesce to your demands to be less overtly Islamic and shy away from their faith and their culture. Islam permits expression of faith and if it abides by the law of the land then there's nothing you can do to stop it.
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Obscure ethnic groups

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>26 million people
Never heard of them ever
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The Coming Incel Revolution

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The Coming Incel Revolution
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