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Borreby and other Beaker-like WSH people had brachycephalia although they did not spread this phenotype and the britons and scandis they invaded kept their doli-meso skulls despite overwhelming male replacement (in britain) and modest replacement in scandinavia. Thus Brachy men select for doli women in Europe or vice versa.
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It was nice of G-D to show us where Daniel the prophet and Son of man Ezekiel hid the Tabernacle of G-D for the endtime.

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Should Southern Europeans be considered white?
To me, most of them look like sand people, which makes sense because their countries were continually invaded and raped by that lot throughout history. I find it hard to tell them apart, personally.
When I look at a Spaniard, Greek, or Italian in my land, my instinct is to view them in the same way I do Muslims or any other shitskin. I see them as invaders encroaching on my territory, rather than someone I could ever consider kin.
They all have black hair and black eyes, which in my view, is basically God's signal for non-white, someone wicked and vile, not to be trusted, sub-human basically.
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I'm on volume 2 and we're delving into something called "the cotton factor", essentially the cotton middleman in the mississipi delta, the cotton factor would sell all the implements of cotton farming to plantation owners, including black slaves, mostly on credit, and would store vast amounts of cotton in warehouses speculating on cotton prices

if you look at it in terms of modern farming where the middleman in many goods basically taking none of the risk in the fields, but through his jewish connections internationally in new york, london, the carribean and so on controlled all commerce, or in restaurants where the corporate office has a central office and then franchisees are all working for the central office

is it a surprise that based on the insular nature of the jewish community that all of these people were jewish

jewish peddlers many which were fresh immigrants from europe were supplied with a line of credit and goods from prominent new york and baltimore wholesalers and firms, they were then told exactly where to set up shop so as not to disturb other jews in the network and cut into his profit, over 90 percent of general stores, department stores, and grocery stores were operated by jews who accounted for 1 percent of the white population

many prominent department stores actually come from this period, sears, macys as well as banks like lehman brothers

general grant even banned jews from his union camps and places in the general vicinity, as they were known to deal in military intelligence for the south

the entire jewish economic prowess was build on the slave trade, and only 1 rabbi in the entire country was against slavery, and was then banished from his own congregation
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What were the most pussified legal systems in history?
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So, was Weathermen Underground just a bunch of rich college schizos who read Mao, fetishized blacks, took drugs and casually bombed people or is there anything that I'm missing?
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Are Europeans white?

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How white are people whose ethnic origins comes from Europe? Is it even safe to assume any of them are white, given the influx of mongoloid, nafri and other influences?
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Did Stalins collectivization bare any fruit? Was it a complete success?
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Historically, whites were 97% of major inventors. Today in the US, 97% of inventors are White or Asian.

What's the simplest unified explanation for both of these facts?
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Historical white genocide

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Cracker manchildren love talking about TND, and how they'll eliminate black or asian people. They say they're the strongest and that they killed us historically. But did any of that actually happen?

Historically crackers are bad at genocide despite what they would want you to know. They didn't successfully eliminate the european jews, any tribe in Africa or any asian race. The only race they replaced debatably were native americans after disease killed 99% of their population, oops. The same can't be said of their enemies.

However, historical accounts of TCD are plentiful. Here's some examples :

>The Bactrians, an Indogreek people who had pale skin and dark hair : extinct
>White berbers : less than 1k today, before intermixing they were the majority pop in the Maghreb
>Tocharians and Yuezhi, a blonde-haired and pale skinned, blue eyed people: today completely extinct.
>The Ainu and Emishi a hairy- lightskinned people have mixed with Siberians and Japanese and are now today less than 10k
>Celtic and greek anatolians are now completely mullatised.
>Boers, South Africans, Rhodesians, Pied-Noir and Tanganyikans : Extinct or in the process of being genocided

It seems your people have historically been losing ground white boy.
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