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Average Berber family after Arab conquest
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YOUR AD HERE my ass! Where is it?

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Why weren't their ancestors domesticated?
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who's the biggest slut in history?
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The historical driving force

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Men want pussy. Men become great men to get money and power in order to get pussy. Great men use money and power in order to make their own agendas progress in order to get more pussy. Great men using their money and power make society progress.
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>The 21st century is the best period in history
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If it's love, it's love. Nobody has the right to get in the way.

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Was reading the king in yellow recently, written in 1895. Large part was set in a speculative near future of 1920.

A few things were surprisingly accurate guesses/predictions but one thing that obviously didn’t come to pass was the idea of there being “lethal chambers” in public streets of cities. Suicide booths essentially to self euthanise.

Do you think this or something similar is going to happen as societies move onwards?

Pretty quickly the west has gone from having suicide outright be illegal. And prosecuting people who failed and survived. To it being legal but treated as a mental illness. To medical euthanasia becoming fairly common

And now there are stories in places like Canada where euthanasia is a legal option with government programs for people who are in a lot of pain and sick. But are not necessarily dying.

The woman in this article for example, wasn’t actually terminally ill in the classical sense. She could have lived decades or more. But she was in extreme pain and eventually the disease would kill her so she qualified.

The two main anti euthanasia/supported suicide camps seem to be

>religious people or people who get their values from religion
>people afraid of government overreach and don’t trust doctors or politicians to not extend this for purposes like organ harvesting

What do you think about euthanasia morally, and do you think supported suicide will become more and more common?

In America I can see it being restricted much longer for social reasons and constitutional issues. But the rest of the west will likely jump on board pretty quickly. Especially Europe since there is such a large elderly population. How many will prefer a painless death over being kept alive in disgusting nursing homes while their bodies and minds decay?
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How did China change so quickly?

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This is less than a 30 year period. How did they manage to do a culture speed run? Mao and Deng completely transformed an agrarian society still wearing Qing clothing to a modern economic power within a half century.
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Is Marxism a religious cult?
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