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Is Korea the only country without ethnic minorities?

Every country has some minority.

In east Asia, There are 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities in China and The only officially recognized minority in Japan is the Ainu. However, I have never heard of the minority people living in Korea
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>Log on to /his/

>Islam is bad bait thread
>Islam is is good bait thread
>Another Haplogroup thread
>Nazi's are bad thread (Wow, so enlightening)
>'What if' Brainlet thread
>Communist apologist
>Another Ottoman thread
>'Christianity caused____ to Europe'

Ok, what happend to this place?
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This is what Malcolm X believed.
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>10,000,000 ethnic Manchus
>their language is basically dead since they willingly speak Mandarin, their culture fully sinisized and even they themselves are genetically bastardized
>no country of their own
>not even an autonomous region
>last conquerors of China, the ones that forced the queue to the Han btw
>all gone in a lifespan of a couple of centuries

Has there ever been a more pathetic people? Or a fall from grace?
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Japanese sold Korean girls to Portuguese in Macau and Southeast Asia as sex slaves

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If Northern Han Chinese are not a mixed ethnic group, what can explaim all the Xianbei, Shatuo, Mohe, Gaogouli, Khitans, Central Asians, Uyghurs, Jurchens, Mongols and countless other tribes that naturalized and assimilated into the Chinese heartland
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This man was a Turkish soldier who took part in the Korean War in 1951 he alone raid the enemy camp with his bayonet, killing more than 10 Chinese soldiers and returning alive. His clothes were covered with Chinese blood.
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Historically speaking, what was their fucking problem?
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How big of a genetic impact have the Mongols and Manchurians had on the Chinese
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MacArthur ordered rape of Korean girls in Seoul

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Jay Caspian Kang wrote this about MacArthur promising American soldiers they would get to rape Korean girls and women in Seoul in the Korean War in 1950.
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