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how come O did not receive a haplocurse for this violation?
egypt is very important to R1b and K2s who are not R1b fucking with Egypt will be killed and raped. r1a-z93 should know.

t. schizo
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>10,000,000 ethnic Manchus
>their language is basically dead since they willingly speak Mandarin, their culture fully sinisized and even they themselves are genetically bastardized
>no country of their own
>not even an autonomous region
>last conquerors of China, the ones that forced the queue to the Han btw
>all gone in a lifespan of a couple of centuries

Has there ever been a more pathetic people? Or a fall from grace?
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Historically speaking, what was their fucking problem?
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Why did Mongols replace caucasoid Y DNA in Kazakhstan and Hazarajat?

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The Kerey clan in Kazakhstan were tested and they were C2

Kazakhs are Mongoloid male caucasoid female hence their Mongol paternal C2 genes and similar culture to Mongols while Han Chinese men don't carry Mongol C2 star cluster nor the Manchu one. C2 used to be called C3.
>The Y-chromosome C3* star-cluster attributed to Genghis Khan's descendants is present at high frequency in the Kerey clan from Kazakhstan.

Kazakh tribes like Naiman also have O3 Han Chinese paternal genes.

>Most Central Asian members of both O2a2b1a1-M117 and O2a2b1a2-F444 clearly are derived from the same Neolithic population expansion(s) that has/have left such clear traces in modern populations speaking Sino-Tibetan languages. Most of them are probably related to certain East Asian individuals more recently than the Neolithic.

>Paragroup O-M134(xM117) has been found with very high frequency in some samples of Kim Mun people, a subgroup of the Yao people of southern China (16/32 = 50.0% Mountain Kimmun from southern Yunnan, 11/28 = 39.3% Blue Kimmun from western Guangxi). However, this paragroup has been detected in only 3/41 = 7.3% of a sample of Lowland Kimmun from eastern Guangxi (Cai et al. 2011). This paragroup also has been found with high frequency in some Kazakh samples, especially the Naiman tribe (102/155 = 65.81%)(Dulik et al. 2011 and Lu et al. 2011)

> Naiman Kazakhs 68%,[4]

Kazakhs are plurality C2 .
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Han Chinese

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How does a single ethnogroup remain relevant throughout human history like they did?
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islamic golden age

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is the islamic golden age a real thing at all? to me it just sounds like a bunch of arabs trying to steal a bunch of stuff persians were already doing all along even before islam, and try to pass it as their own
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when i was a kid i thought karl marx was black
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I think Communist Vietnam should apologize to America for their atrocities.

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Seriously the Vietnamese communists tortured our soldiers, murdered prisoners and humiliated us. When we normalized ties with these sobs in the 1990s a prerequisite should have been them apologizing to us and to apologize for them causing a refugee crisis. Now the good thing is these Vietnamese refugees are based and support America and conservative values but they are here because a communist government toppled south Vietnam a liberal democracy that stood by America. Since the current commie regime in power is illegitimate they should be forced to apologize for their crimes.
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Why are they like this?
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What was Japan’s role in the Vietnam War?
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