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Why did the West love Japan so much?
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There is not one single good book on Operation Bagration

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>69847 books on D-Day
>Not one single good monography on Operation Bagration

What gives?

Yugoslav female partisans (Serbian) torture and castration of male prisoners in World War II

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I've read accounts of Yugoslav female partisans, Serbian women in particular of torturing and castrating enemy men in World War II from Hungarian, Bosnian Muslim, Italian and Yugoslav Partisan sources themselves. At first I came across a Hungarian account of Hungarian priests being subjected to a BDSM femdom like CBT torture session by Serbian female partisans which ended with his dick cut off and thought it was Hungarian propaganda. Then I read Italian sources mentioning Yugoslav partisan women castrating Italian soldiers, a Yugoslav partisan admitting the women castrated German prisoners and a Bosnian Muslim saying his uncle was kicked in the balls by Serb female partisans. All of them from different sides in the war accusing Yugoslav female partisans of castrating prisoners.
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Was human life essentially worthless in East Asia historically?
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Looking at history, who was more cruel, Nazis or nips?
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Does /his/ like Existential Comcs?
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I worship Satan the God of this World 'cause good God-fearing Christians told me the God of this World is Satan.

Hail Satan!
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Thus the Hele Stone 7 heads, on Monster Mishkan 10 horns.

Daniel the prophet
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Chinese dynasties tier lists

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WMAF was institutionalized in China as early as the 3rd century

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The Han (The name of the chinese dynasty which gave its name to the Han ethnic group) married three (!) of their daughters to Modu Chanyu, the founder of the Xiongnu Empire (the first steppe empire, Mongols and Turks merely copied him). The Xiongnu were Scythians, and therefore white men.
Can the deep craving for BWC most chinese women have be explained by these historical events?
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