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How true is this
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Can we ban this retard? She keeps posting God is a rock where I built my church. (Her pic related)
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Why didn't ancient civilisations make human farms where women are bred to make new slaves? All the males are sold off in adulthood to do all the manual labor of the kingdom, while the females are sent to breeding farms.
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>We will bury you

In hindsight, what did he mean by this?
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How exactly did homosexuals win the battle of public opinion?

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I really don’t understand how it happened. There are normie answers like “science” and shit, but there’s plenty of totally unscientific opinions that won the battle for public opinion (racial differences aren’t real, IQ is fake, women and men are the same, etc.), so that’s obviously not an answer. The only big thing I can think is the end of the Cold War and the subsequent decline in religiosity + lots of organized power and money behind the homosex lobby.
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Daniel the Prophet's throne description vs. Son of man Ezekiel's throne description.

Polytheism General

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Discuss about ancient polytheistic or henotheistic religions in this thread. Try to keep the thread civilized whether you believe in the Gods or are just interested in these religions.
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Why doesnt the athiests criticize islam?
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>there are no known confirmed or reliable documents of Yasuke's life past his meeting with Oda Nobunaga
>oh but the japanese worshipped him like a god and he was super awesome and powerful
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Peranakan are descendants of Han Chinese men and Malay women

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Peranakan in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are descendants of southern Han Chinese men and Malay women. Genetic tests showed May female contribution to Peranakab genomes while Han male genomes predominated.

Tracing the DNA profiles of 177 Chinese Peranakan's reveal a mixed ancestry.

Unravelling the DNA of Peranakan Chinese in Singapore - The Straits Times #DNA #Genetics
Unravelling the DNA of Peranakan Chinese in Singapore I tweeted the scientific paper last month - nice coverage of what it means for the community.
Genetic Admixture in the Culturally Unique Peranakan Chinese Population in Southeast Asia Flag of MalaysiaFlag of SingaporeDNA
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