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What was life like in 1930s Germany?
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This is the objective truth
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Are there any native American diaspora outside America? Like are there Navajo communities in Australia or Turkey?
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/hit/ - Hitler General

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Hitler General
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Why do anti-semites worship a guy who invited all the jews in europe to holiday free-of-charge at his totally innocent super fun amusement park joycamps?
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Indo-Europeans made China

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The genomic formation of human Populations in east Asia
David Reich

Indo-Europeans influenced the establishment of the Shang dynasty
“Along the Sino-Mongolian frontier zone (Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, northern Henan, and Inner Mongolia), flanked by northeastern (Liaoning and Heilongjiang) and northwestern extensions (Gansu, Ningxia, parts of Qinghai and Xinjiang). Within the broad Northern Zone”

Shows that the present day populations around the provinces Shanxi and Shaanxi surrounding the ancient Shang dynasty has approximately 2-3% European DNA the majority of which is estimated to date back to 3500 BC or earlier
And although negligible conveys that there most have been some Indo-European influence

“Excavations carried out in Inner Mongolia and adjacent areas have shown that the presence of pastoralists in the Northern Zone can be dated to the Shang period.”

“The average dates of West Eurasian-related admixture in northern Han Chinese populations Han_NChina and Han_Shanxi are 32-45 generations ago, suggesting that mixture was continuing at the time of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) and Song Dynasty (960-1279 BCE) during which time there are historical records of integration of Han Chinese and western ethnic groups, but this date is an average so the mixture between groups could have been earlier.”
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How do Asians feel after spending millennia honing their martial arts when they get so easily beaten by simple, practical, European martial arts like boxing, wrestling and MMA?
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Were Finland and Portugal fascist in the 1930s-40s?
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Analytical Engine

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I'd just like to draw your attention to the first Turing-complete machine: Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine. Pictured is a rendering of what the completed machine may have looked like (based on Babbage's relatively inscrutable designs).
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